How To Grow Your Law Firm Website Traffic

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, July 30, 2018
Some law firms think that having a website is simply enough. A website by itself is just a fancy business card. A well optimized website via can bring in traffic and increase the profitability of your law firm more than any other marketing vertical. If done correctly your attorney SEO efforts can help you achieve targeted visitors looking to hire attorneys to handle their cases.

Go After the Right Keywords

One of the biggest mistakes a law firm can make is choosing the wrong keywords. It happens time and time again when an SEO company is not realistic or unrealistic with the keyword planning. Focus on local keywords that will bring in business.

There is no need to rank for national keywords like “accident attorney” especially if you only practice law in one state. On the other end of the spectrum don’t get excited that you rank for keywords that have virtually no traffic. Many SEO’s send reports with hundreds of these keywords in which their clients rank for. The bad news is nobody searches for these obscure keywords and it’s a waste of money and time.

Analyze Competitors

Analyzing your competitors can really help you find keywords that you should go after. Not all keywords are relevant or worth-wild but if you put in some work you can often find gems you overlooked. Once you find these keywords create a detailed plan on what type of content you can create based around these. You can even create an editorial calendar to help plan and stay on track.

Create Content and Longtail Keywords

If you aren’t creating new content to help rank for keywords then you aren’t doing SEO correctly. Creating content is a great way to go after new keywords, especially long tail keywords. Longtail keywords might not have the high search volume as your head terms but are a powerful strategy that really adds up. Most studies show that longtail keywords convert at a much higher rate as well.

Basic On-Page Optimization

Most attorneys have a website but to some it’s more of a business card. There website doesn’t do much other than provide basic information about the business. Even if that’s all you have some basic on-page optimization will go a long way. Ensure your keywords in your title tags and use proper heading tags for your content. This is basic advice but are two of the most important on-page ranking factors.

How to Optimize for Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations you can optimize this too. Create a new page for each location you may have. If you service multiple cities then this strategy works well for this as well. Each page should have its own unique content and include the phone number and address of the specific location. Building links to these location pages is also very important for ranking.

Link Building

You can have the best looking website in the world. You can also have the most compelling content ever created but if you neglect link building you won’t get very far. Building links from on-topic content is a must but it’s more complicated than that these days. Getting a popular website to link to your website is what can move the needle. Don’t expect to build just a few links and start ranking. Depending on the city and keywords if can take months of link building to see some good results.

Final Thoughts

Growing an attorney website’s traffic can have a huge impact on the bottom line. The process is not instant and will take some time. Ultimately, you can reduce your customer acquisition costs and become more profitable.

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