3 Best Countries To Study and Settle

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When it is time to decide on the future profession, the question of choosing the university is acute. Many people all over the world leave the familiar comfort zone and go to study in another country to get a colossal experience and an opportunity to learn the world, especially if there is a chance to stay abroad.

In order a responsible decision led to positive results, a number of nuances is to be taken into consideration. It is important that the diploma is subsequently claimed by employers and be valid in all over the world.

Countries with a high standards of living guarantee good education and open up perspectives for the subsequent life after receiving the diploma. We will find out how it really is. Here are a few examples of rapidly developing countries that are worth paying attention to those people who intend to move and settle abroad, but are concerned about graduate employ ability and conditions for foreigners. We will tell you about countries that are attractive not only for tourists where learning, living and working is really comfortable.


It is a powerful state of East Asia with one of the most developed economies in the world. In the 21st century its education system is among the strongest, and the China university diplomas are highly appreciated in all countries and they are at the same level where the United States and Europe schools are.

Such a breakthrough was made in last 20 years. To study in the university of China is prestigious and profitable. The state allocates great funds for the education sector. This can be seen in the development of infrastructure, equipping universities in Europe, Japan or the USA can offer.

Foreign students are welcome here. In Hong Kong living and studying are somewhat more expensive. Beijing and conducted in Chinese, with the exception of some English language programs.As a result, the graduates are fluent in Chinese - the language of the nation of the future. Students who study in mega cities have the opportunity to engage in additional scientific activities in special modern parks using innovative equipment.

Campuses are fully organized and everything is available for comfortable living and study. The cost is twice lower than in other countries.Food, clothing and household services are not a significant expense item. Foreign students with high academic scores have a chance to become scholars of various funds, private companies` financing or receive government grants.

The influx of foreign students increases every year.Education in China is distinguished by a clear practical focus and students are motivated to achieve the highest results. This puts forward good prospects for graduates of Chinese universities. Employers around the world want to get specialists with this level of diplomas.

The quality of education received in China of high value in the labour market and local institutions are interested in leaving foreign specialists who are in great demand in large companies and they provide a full social package and help with housing.


German universities are known for a high level of education, that is considered promising and prestigious. Employers in Europe and America are willing to take the graduates to work.Many institutions or international corporations while being students. This allows to have a good salary and afford a decent standards of leaving at a young age.

German universities accentuate the practical application of knowledge, contributing to the development of design works or interships in German companies.Foreign students are not limited to opportunities, since they have the opportunity to work even during their studies on campus no more than 20 hours per week. If the work takes longer, an individual request is needed that is called Arbeitserlaubnis.

The document issued on the condition that the work does not interfere with the study.Public institutions provide free education with payment only of an administrative fee in 200 euro per term that includes transport costs, membership in student communities, a library entrance card and much more. Education involves the passage of practice during one term in the company according to the profile of the chosen educational program.

The university graduates with a diploma and work experience in a German company have an indisputable advantage. Due the level of employment of graduates, German universities occupy leading positions in the top 100.


In the universities of the Netherlands, more than 2 000 learning programs are provided in English. Foreign students constitute 1/10 of the total number of learners. The cost of education is one of the lowest among English-speaking countries.

When enrolling in an institution of higher education, students have the chance to request a government grant from Orange Tulip special fund, that covers 100 % of the education fees.The practice of scholarships from major companies in the fields of engineering, economics, physics and many others is widespread.

In Holland educational system has increased attention to medicine and biology. The Netherlands is a safety country with a hospitable attitude towards the foreigners. Dutch diplomas are highly profitable in the labor market. It is quite easy for an alien to find a job, especially if there is a diploma of a local university.

The flexibility migration system in a number of highly developed countries, respectable level of education and fine graduate employability create all conditions for foreigners who want to change their country of residence.

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