4 Best Benefits of Advanced POS Systems

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, June 19, 2018
The development of Point of Sale (POS) systems made life easier for those in service-based industries and their customers. New advances in POS software have taken inventory control and customer service to new levels of efficiency. If you haven't upgraded your POS capabilities, you're missing out on a lot of benefits. Here are just a few.

Best Benefits of Advanced POS Systems

Inventory Management

Advanced inventory control is one of the main benefits of POS software. With responsive applications, business owners and managers can track individual items or whole lots along the supply chain from order, to delivery, to final sale. Because all of the information is recorded in real time, any employee with access to the POS system can tell at a glance how many of each item is available at any given time. This not only aids efficiency, it's also an invaluable risk management tool.

Cloud-Based Options

Cloud-based POS solutions tie everything together enterprise-wide. They allow universal access to information by storing all relevant data in one virtual location. Employees using handheld scanners input inventory at the point of delivery, and the information is relayed to the cloud immediately. As stock is put into circulation, inventory is automatically updated. In turn, each sale triggers another automatic update. Stock on hand, sales numbers, and reporting are all available in real time, from any location, by anyone who needs access to that information.

Customer Service

Advanced POS systems mean providing a better customer experience. Through mobile access, you can launch effective customer loyalty programs and apply on-the-spot incentives. Software can be filtered to track and analyze individual customer preferences and behavior, which allows you to provide a more personalized, targeted shopping experience. This enables a higher level of efficiency while allowing the customer to feel like they're being catered to by a company that knows them and cares about their satisfaction.

Point of sale solutions also help your staff provide quality service that's fast and accurate. By combining automated inventory control, mobile access, and cloud-based storage, your staff will be better informed and more professional. Your customers will enjoy shorter wait times for service and faster checkouts. Using individual staff identifiers, managers can assess employees by sales volume and other useful metrics.

Mobile Access

Mobile POS software is probably one of the biggest advances, and one trend that will continue to develop in the future. Nearly 50 percent of all consumers use their smartphone to shop or search businesses locally, but wireless mobility benefits those who work for businesses as well. No longer will sales reps have to leave a customer standing there while they go to check a price. Clerks and warehouse workers can input inventory immediately using handheld devices.

Many restaurants are cutting down on turnaround times by using tablets. These allow customers to place error-free orders right at the table, with no waiting, and get their food in a more timely manner. The bill, including tips, discounts, and tax, is figured automatically, and restaurant owners can generate reports on sales by menu item or any metric they choose. This is a big help with menu planning and stock rotation.

There are different types of software available for POS systems, and many are industry-specific. If you're unsure which is the best option for your business, consult with a software development company that specializes in B2B POS solutions.

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