How to Transition Your Physical Business Online

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, April 25, 2018
When it comes to the web, there are a surprising array of possibilities that you can exploit in terms of business. If you’ve decided to follow through with full utility of the web’s resources, you’re likely going to see some substantial transition. Depending on your business, you may want to take the switch from digital to physical either more or less quickly.

One of the smartest strategies for most businesses is a gradual transition. This way you can ensure you cover all your bases. You’re going to have infrastructural needs, as an example, and you may have digital employees who work from home, but must yet provide regular time cards.

You can use this free online time card calculator with lunch, breaks and overtimes, save to PDF or Excel capability—as the site it’s hosted on says: “Simply enter your employee hours into the calculator and the total hours for payroll are automatically calculated.” For businesses that have a handful of employees which work remotely, such timecards can be ideal.

Look into bespoke options as well. For example, if you were previously selling things like t-shirts in a store, you may find options online which will print and ship a t-shirt with your design needs while they just take a piece of the profit for their effort. Such solutions can save time and money while providing profit directly and expanding your brand.

The Marketing Angle

One thing you want to be sure you do when you’re switching to an online business is advertise the fact. Commission online content to be distributed through blogs which reach your client constituency. Promote your business online and physically in pertinence to the change. Restructure your website accordingly.

Doing this properly could take time. If you’re considering a total shift from physical premises to the web, you may want to use online marketing as much as a year in advance for the best results. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, can be especially effective; but it does take time—even if you go through the most professional agencies.

Still, in the fullness of time, you can see results which continue to build on themselves. So this can be a very effective solution if you properly plan for it in advance. Whatever you do, ensure you have good marketing strategies in place during your shift from a physical to a digital store.

Facilitate Continuous Optimization

Some things will sell more than others. Some things won’t sell at all. If you want to be the most effective in a digital sense, you need to focus on continual optimization which takes into account that which is and isn’t profitable. Again, getting a proper idea of this can take time; but if you’re careful to keep close numbers from the outset, you’ll get a better idea.

But it’s not just enough to optimize what you sell; you’ve got to optimize how you sell it. Mobile technology is more present than it’s ever been before, and if you’re going to go the online route, you must properly communicate with mobile client bases. This means designing applications, and ensuring all online materials are accessible via mobile tech.

Profitable Transition

Provided you’re strategic enough to take your time in transition, properly meet the needs of the market, and continually optimize your online selling protocols, you’re likely to see success in your switch from a physical to a digital store.

Certainly, there will be different challenges and windfalls for different businesses. Seeking marketing consultation through professional agencies may just be the cherry on top of a successful transition program.

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