What Features a good Plagiarism Checker Must Possess?

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Digital content is something which is the backbone of today’s time. With technology advancement, online marketing, e-learning, the value of digital content has even become crucial. And again, content is the key for all these.

Many companies, startups, educational institutions are spending millions on producing quality content. The content which should be beneficial for the learners, easy to understand, provides a practical approach, should be free from error, and plagiarism etc.

What Features a good Plagiarism Checker Must Possess?
Nowadays, even in small institutions, the daily work is getting done digitally, assignments are getting submitted online and so on. But producing the quality content with all the characteristics like error-free, plagiarism free is not easy to create. And this difficulty is with all kind of audiences. It may be the company, blog admins, website owners, students, etc.

Earlier at TricksRoad, we have talked about producing quality content and today we are going to focus on the plagiarism. We will see the different aspect of plagiarism and if you need a plagiarism checker, we will discuss what all features it should have.

What is plagiarism?

In general, plagiarism is just copying the work of others and using it illegally.

According to Wikipedia, Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work. So, it is copying the content work of others by simply changing few words or sentences to bypass the check done by the plagiarism checker.

If you are a student, you need to ensure the homework or the assignment you are submitting are original and just not the replica of others. Also, if you are a teacher managing certain students or teachers, you need to ensure the assignments you are receiving for checking are original and your students are not just copying it.

But the problem arises when the contents produced by different students are similar and just to bypass the plagiarism checker, they have changed few lines or rearranged. For this, you need a powerful plagiarism checker tool.

And in this post, we are going to discuss what features a good plagiarism checker must possess.

Let’s start!

5 Best features a good plagiarism checker must have

Here are some of the important features a good plagiarism checker must possess. So, if you are looking for a good plagiarism checker tool, you must ensure that the below-mentioned plagiarism checker features have been incorporated there.

#1 Content security

As we know the internet is full of both good websites and bad websites and the same applies here as well. There are thousands of small and big websites who offers plagiarism checking service. But most of them don’t have even the SSL certificate enabled.

Usually, what has been seen is, many plagiarism checker websites scrap the content that you paste there and use it further. Especially the free plagiarism checker tools do such kind of activity. And by this way, your hard work is getting vanished. Before you use the content, you have checked it is already reproduced on some other web pages. And so, ensure that the plagiarism checker tool you are going to buy or use, are using adequate security mechanism.

The best way to ensure that the plagiarism checker platform you are using doesn’t use your content is by checking their features section or the T&C pages.

#2 Should support multiple file formats

Yes, this is another very important feature one should look for on the plagiarism checker tool they are going to buy. It’s not always necessary that you will receive the content in MS word format. It can be any other text storing format like - docx, HTML, RTF, txt, odt or pdf.
What Features a good Plagiarism Checker Must Possess?
Ensuring that the tool is supporting multiple file format, being a user, you won’t have to convert the file first and then check for the plagiarism. 

#3 Multi-language detection

A good plagiarism checker software should have multilingual feature, so that the user won’t have to look for here and there if they have received content in some other language other than English. This feature is very much required when you work with content written in many languages.

What Features a good Plagiarism Checker Must Possess?

#4 Plagiarism Report

With the information like how many percentages of your content is matching to the other resource; a good plagiarism checker software should also provide a detailed report. Like it can use the different color combination to show what kind of plagiarism it has detected. Proving whether the detected content is valuable or less valuable.

What Features a good Plagiarism Checker Must Possess?

#5 Option to download & share reports

If you are working in corporate environment, then this feature is much valuable and necessary. Here the tool you are using to find the duplicates should give you an option to download the complete plagiarism report. At the same time, it should also allow you to share that report with others like your client or the writer who has written the content, so that they can take necessary action.

Plagiarism Checker Features

#6 Custom Library

This feature is useful for those who work on the similar kind of content. For example, you are a content agency and you have received an order to produce 40-50 reviews of the certain product. In such cases, it becomes usual that the content of one review might match to other. And so, using this feature a dedicated library for those 40-50 articles will be created and content will be compared for those 40-50 articles ensuring no duplicate is found.

Plagiarism Checker Features

#7 Online editor

The plagiarism checker tool you are using should have an online editor so that you can edit the duplicate contents then and there itself. This will save your time to send the content back and involved charges.

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Wrapping it up!

These were 7 best features a good plagiarism checker must possess. There can be many other features, but I found those usually with most of the plagiarism checker tools. The other general and common features can be-

  • It should check for the plagiarism to the whole library available on the internet;
  • A free version should be available at least with limited uses;
  • Different add-on for Microsoft word, browsers etc. should be available for the user easiness;
  • Should detect the bad citations.
Have we missed any important feature that you would like to see in a good plagiarism checker tool? Feel free to share with us in the comment section.
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