ADconity Review- Leading Cryptocurrency Based Advertising Network

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, March 11, 2018
Nowadays cryptocurrencies don’t need any kind of introduction and we have seen the wave of cryptos like Bitcoin and Litecoin. We have seen how the crypto investors have seen their investment growing multiple folds.

We also saw how few countries and companies started legalizing the bitcoin. Many startups came and started working dedicatedly on the crypto market. But one thing I found missing was the advertising sector. In the last one and a half year or since the time I am following this crypto market, I didn’t find any dedicated advertising network based on cryptocurrency.

Recently, I was browsing through ADconity and was amazed to see how this new venture is working best to get all the flavors of cryptos in the ad network.

ADconity Review- An Overview

ADconity is making cryptocurrency, ICO, and blockchain advertising simple. It’s user-friendly rich media advertising platform for advertisers and publishers with competitive pricing helping people to make most out of it.

It is a user-friendly cryptocurrency, ICO, and blockchain rich media advertising platform for advertisers and publishers with competitive pricing. Advertisers can promote their product their services and product and can expect some good ROI.

ADconity is a niche advertising platform focusing on cryptocurrency, ICO and blockchain phenomena. We got CPM, CPC, POPs (up, under, new tab), interstitial, CPA and more coming soon. Also, we have high-quality control for advertisers and publishers to keep our ad-environment with high standard.

ADconity is making Cryptocurrency Marketing, Bitcoin Advertising, ICO Advertising, ICO promotion, Blockchain Marketing, ICO Marketing, Blockchain Advertising, Bitcoin Marketing, BTC advertising, crypto advertising and eth advertising.

The development has been done so fast that they launched a beta version in November 2017 and now a full-fledged advertising network is running.

ADconity for Advertiser

ADconity offers an excellent platform for advertisers where you can promote your business in an effective pricing.
You can create the pay-per-click (PPC)/Text Ads/Banner or display ads and generate some top-quality traffic and leads for your website. Once you have created the campaign, it will be promoted through their wide range of quality publishers and their websites for the targeted traffic. Here you can-

  • Create text or banner ads
  • Keyword & geographic targeting
  • Payments using Bitcoin

You can quickly signup for the advertiser account and once your account is approved, you can get started with the campaigns. Please note the payment will be done only using Bitcoin.

ADconity for Publishers

ADconity offers all the webmasters and media house to explore and earn from their traffic and you will be paid through Bitcoin.

You can monetize your all kind of traffic by adding the ad code units of ADconity on your website. And you will be paid for very valid clicks you will get on the ad units. Also, the platform ADconity will ensure that the highest bid ads are getting placed on your website. Here you can-

  • Create text or banner ad codes
  • Filter out competitor ads
  • Payouts using bitcoin

How to get started with ADconity?

To get started with the publisher account with ADconity, you need to first signup using the below form. Here you have to fill the basic details as you can see below.
Once you will submit the details, you will be asked to confirm the email. Once confirmed, you will be shown the landing page where you can choose whether you want to promote your service as an advertiser or earn some BTC from it as a publisher.

Like I have selected the publisher option as I am looking to monetize my website and traffic. Here you’ll be asked to add your website and you will be shown a form for that as below.

After you submit these details, your website will be showing the status is pending. Then using the right sidebar, you can create the ad units and manage it as you need.

Once you will click on the create option, you will be shown a new page where you can create your first ad unit and add it to your website. You can also select the type of the ad and then the size as well.

Like I have selected the banner only ad and after you submit it, the system will show you the preview of it as shown below. You can copy this ad unit code and add on your website.

ADconity also shows an interactive dashboard for both advertiser and publisher where you can get all the details about your campaigns and real-time. By doing so, you will be getting real-time updates and you can also take actions in real-time.

For advertisers, ADconity offers $25 of free bonus which you can use to promote your websites and service and check the network. Companies like Google, Godaddy, Bitcoin, etc. are their partners and so you can think how secure you are.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about ADconity Review where we talked how ADconity is solving the gap between the advertising network and cryptocurrencies. They help trade for your advertisements based on crypto mainly bitcoin. Do try the ADconity and see how it can help you scale and promote your business.
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