5 Tips to Network Marketing

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, February 1, 2018
Venturing into network marketing is not something you do as a hobby; treat it as starting your own business. The elephant in the room remains, what does it take to launch a successful network marketing business?

5 Tips to Network Marketing

#1 Create the right mindset

You may have heard the hype that with network marketing you will get full-time income while working half the time. That is not entirely true; there are days you will be bursting yourself out to close a deal. During the journey most times you would not want to work hard, but it's hard work that makes the cut, hence treat your business as a business.

Remember to invest in yourself; top successful network people are raking millions everyday .do you want to know how? They have invested in courses, coaching, mentoring and network marketing tools to bootstrap their business. There so many online courses, mentors, coaches, and trainers like Todd and Leah Rae you can enlist to sharpen your Network Marketing skills.

#2 Keep it real

Do not rekindle long lost ties with people you have not spoken to in a couple of years. Do not be the phony friend who wants to ‘catch up’ with the intention of selling “amazing products that could help them”. Consider other subtle ways of getting clients and closing sales without bugging people who may not consider you as a close friend.

#3 Invest in social media

If you are an introvert, social media is the place to cultivate your confidence. Sometimes thought of pitching to people is far much worse than the fear of rejection. Social media sets the platform for building your business.

Through this platform, you will meet successful and average people. Strive to add value to their lives. If they acknowledge the service you provided, you could be on your way to recruiting people you just connected on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. If you have many friends or followers on social media, you can easily get success using influencer marketing.

#4 It is never personal

The network marketing business is never there to serve your interest. The client’s needs are the end game. Do not push the products to people. Rather turn around, reconsider how the product has helped you and create a selling storyline about it to people you think it may benefit.

If you are in travel-related network marketing, narrate stories on how you had to exercise to climb Mt. Everest, the benefits of the experience, i.e. holistically, financially, health-wise, and mentally. Sell the vacation dream! If you tailor your product to serve people, clients will flock to you.

#5 Make conversation

If you are getting likes and shares from social media, you may be at the start of the success trajectory. However, likes and shares don’t bring money by themselves, you need to get and have a real conversation with clients.

Create engagement through physical meet-up. Personalized messages will get you big returns. Do not run your business as an infomercial company. Engagements fortify teems and relationship/mobile phone is the greatest medium. Be the leader, do not manage.

Once you have recruited someone into your network, do not stop what you have been doing to manage the new recruit. Direct the recruit on a path where there can meet their expectations. Be a patient and understanding teacher, your teammates should honestly tell you what itches their MLM ‘nerves’.

Do not beat down recruits during the initial stages as most things are new to them.

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