Where To Invest a Fortune Without Losing It?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, December 14, 2017
Whether it is your first experience or not, here are the ten most promising fields according to U.S. News. With these fields and your strategy, you will never lose money.

Where To Invest a Fortune Without Losing It?

The Most Promising Areas for Investment

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. The first rule of successful investment is to return on investment. Otherwise, you are doing charity. To be secure in what you are doing, research, learn, calculate, develop a plan, and then contribute. It doesn't matter if you are having one thousand or one million dollars (although, if you have one million, you probably know how to earn money) when it comes to risk. The difference is if you lose a thousand, you will earn one more, which is not always applicable to one million.

How to choose areas of investment?

The choice of investment area depends on a few factors:

1. The idea of business. It is the business of your dream. The option requires daily hard work and constant financial control. You must acknowledge that investments from ocean cleaning organizations are hardly expected.

2. The amount of money you have. Some businesses won’t feel any effect of your one thousand US dollars, others will acquire a start and will be able to pay back in a few years.

3. The brunch you are good at. If you are investing a significant amount of money, you would like to know what is going on with your funds. If the area is entirely new, then find a partner you are ready to trust.

Before spending money, you should also consider the fact that there are various types of investments. Research, come up with a plan, and then make a decision.

Big Data

TricksRoad Big Data
It is the most promising area in all branches today. Data crunching is something we all face every day. Big data is everywhere; its era is just getting started. Due to researchers held it is possible not only to run a successful marketing campaign and market investigation but also to reach new levels of automatization. Data crunching and proceeding are only in its developing stage. It will bring thousands of new openings and business niches in the nearest future.

Counseling and therapy

While you think about where to invest money, thousands of people are looking for a professional therapist to talk about personal emotions and feelings. In a vast world, it is hard to find time and think about your feelings, not mentioning the feelings of our close people. Therefore therapy will be more and more popular in future years. Mental health is not only as important as physical health but also directly depends on it. Besides these big corporations are interested in hiring a corporate therapist for employees. This trend is developing and becoming more and more popular.

Scientific research

Answering the question of where to invest now, it is reasonable to mention scientific research. New technology will continue to generate breakthroughs. There are plenty of experiments, which are waiting for financial help. Medicine, transportation, manufacturing, and other fields need highly qualified professionals. Scientific schools will be on-demand, and this is a prospective area to contribute to. Biotechnology and biomedicine already show promises. With 3D printing, you will never lose your money.


Pets were, are, and will always be loved and popular. This brunch was always promising. Today people provide their pets with medical care that is hardly applicable for a human. The market expects about a 40% raise by 2020. Here you can contribute to both schools and clinics. Among this, there are also production brunches such as cloth, soft furniture, accessories, and medicine.


To lower overall healthcare costs, there will be a need for medical specialists. Dentists, physical therapists, and some doctor specialists will be on-demand. These areas have vast opportunities for investment. Research the brunches, appoint a few meetings, consult with financial specialists, and develop a strategy, which will help you to make a thoughtful contribution.


The movement and management of money are technically complex. Non-traditional investing firms are likely to grow because traditional banks comply with new regulations, which become more and more strict. It means that the business sector will need a high-quality finance expert in the nearest future. After the crises in 2008, fewer and fewer students are interested in this sector and find helpful writing service. Soon the demand will grow again.

Software and computer science

In the middle of an informational era where every second person on a planet is a computer or other device holder, it is obvious that IT technologies keep its leading positions. On the other hand, software development is complex and not always predictable. To deal with computer science and development, it is important to find a professional consultant who will help you to choose the right area and approach wisely.


If you decide to contribute your money to the business, think about it twice; write a plan, and then act. Remember that risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. All the previously mentioned branches are save for investments. Innovations are always attractive and profitable. Choose the one that you are proficient at or at least that which is interesting to you. With detailed planning and a wise approach, you will get your profit.

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