How To Increase Email CTR In 3 Easy Steps

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, December 20, 2017
In this age of rapid technological advancement, the old method of marketing through leaflets is now being replaced by the cost-effective and useful method of Email marketing.

Even email marketing is one of the best and cheap way to gain the customer and increase sales. There are many best email marketing services which you can use to automate your email marketing campaigns.

Why Email Marketing?

Spending lot of money on getting leaflets designed and printed, only to find that it fails to promote your business to a large audience, is a waste of effort, money, and paper. In fact, according to a study, it has been seen that that people prefer emails over social media to promote their business. Social media limits your posts, and hence your post might not reach out to a larger mass. Moreover, emails can be used to increase your network.

However, the effectiveness of email marketing depends on how well you tailor it according to your target audience. Getresponse is a perfect guide to teach you how to boost up your email marketing strategy and make your emails eye-catching.

Effective Email Marketing Strategy: Boost up Click through Rates

It is a common fact that most of the emails in one’s inbox often remain ignored or simply deleted. Sending promotional emails becomes fruitless if it remains unread by the target audience. Sending an email along the lines of “Get (the product name) for only Rs! (the amount) to everyone on the email list – sometimes repeatedly not only annoys everyone but also gives email marketing a bad name.

The simplest way to improve your email marketing strategy is to enhance your click-through rates. The first step is to determine the average email click-through rate and then compare to the market average. An average email click-through rate across all sectors is 3.57%.

How to Improve Click through Rate

Increasing your click-through rate is not an easy task and requires strategically planned tactics. Moreover, it is a mind-boggling job to figure out exactly how to select the right strategy among the barrage of tips available on the internet. Getresponse makes it easy for you.

1. Customize Sending Time

One of the most important factor to determine the effectiveness of a promotional email is when it is being sent. And this timing yet again varies with your target audience.

If your target audience is the youth, then make sure to send your mail during the evening and night as they are the most active in these hours. Similarly, for office goers, the best time to send your mail is around afternoon (that is, around their lunch break when they are not so busy). Use Getresponse’s Time Travel and Perfect Timing feature to personalize the best timings to send your email.

2. Make an Eye-catching Subject Matter

The subject matter of your email is the most important part that constitutes in an entire email. Make sure that your subject is interesting as this will prevent the email being flagged as spam, use short and precise taglines suitable for mobile devices as most of the customers access their emails through mobiles. Create a sense of urgency by triggering the fear of missing out on important deals.

3. Make Proper Usage of Big Data

One of the greatest mistake marketers makes taking decisions based on inaccurate and insufficient data samples. Proper usage of Big data can boost click-through rates.

Other Important Tips

  • Tailor your emails to suit mobile devices as people check their mobiles more often
  • Segment your email list according to the target audience
  • Avoid over mailing to prevent from being flagged as spam
  • If your emails are not read the first time, try resending it

Use these tips, and you’ll be boosting your click-through rate and attracting a mass of customers in no time!
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