How To Write Sales Scripts That Convert

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Competition has heightened in the recent past partly due to globalization and new innovative tools of marketing. To weather the competition, one of the best ways to increase your sales results is to create a powerful sales script. It is a powerful tool that resonates with your marketing strategy to convert new leads for your products or services into new customers.

How To Write Sales Scripts That Convert
Globalization has brought competition to most companies, and they are forced to reinvent their approach to remain in the industry. New innovative technological tools have also intensified the competition level. Coupling sales scripts with the technological tools gives a business a competitive edge in the market.

According to Anthony Parks, a Head of Sales at, the use of professional sales script templates and proven techniques has improved the company’s sales results.

So, read on about insightful tips on how to write a compelling sales script that generates new leads.

9 Important aspects to write a sales script that convert

Let’s start and see some of the best aspects and points you should consider while writing the sales script. These tips will help you write the best sales script that convert and generate sales and leads.

Before-After-Bridging (BAB)

Before-After-Bridging (BAB) entails describing to the customer the problem that is relevant to your prospect. Create a mental picture of how the world would be if the problem was eliminated and the advantages it will have on their business.

How To Write Sales Scripts That Convert
Finally, explain in detail how you can help them get there. The bridge must give a detailed account of how your product/idea/service would change the present situation to tap into the benefits you describe in the after scenario.

Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS)

How To Write Sales Scripts That Convert
 Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS) is a technique that describes the dangers and challenges that are imminent on the road. Show the business that to achieve their strategic goals they must enlist your product/service/ideas to solve these problems and guarantee them a win. You can explain how you will tackle the problems and how your structure aligns with their business operations, goals, vision and mission.

But you are Free

But you are Free is a technique that appeals to the psychological nature of humans to show them they are free to make whichever choice and you are comfortable with it. After making your prospect, tell them that they are free to make their own choice whichever they would like and show them that you will respect their decision. Most people tend to agree to your prospect after giving them the free will to consider it.


Star-Chain-Hook is another method that offers factual information to support your claim or interest in working with a business/individual. First, introduce your idea within a manner that captures the audience then create a chain of supporting facts to build credibility.

The chain of facts/statistics and sources is to convert their attention to interest. Lastly, hook them to and prompt them for a call of action that is easy to enlist your services to go to the next step. Factual information cements your argument and increases your chances of convincing someone to follow through.

Attention – Interest – Desire – Action (AIDA)

How To Write Sales Scripts That Convert
 Attention – Interest – Desire – Action (AIDA) is a series of steps that helps in getting new leads. First, grab the attention of the prospect. Then, create interest by tapping into the curiosity of the individual while engaging with them on a personal level. Package your product to be appealing to the individual in a way that creates a desire of your offer. Finally, inquire about their response to your idea.


How To Write Sales Scripts That Convert
 A Star-Story-Solution is another effective technique that can be used in sales script writing. The main character is the prospect referred to as a star. Then you narrate a story to the star that resonates with your objectives and arouses interest in your proposed product/idea /service.

The story should capture how the star faces a similar problem to as you and give a detailed explanation of how the star eventually wins. Connect the story with your course of action to prove beyond doubt that your approach is feasible.

Reader's Digest model

The Reader's Digest model was developed by John couples describing a checklist of how to hook readers. His model comprises of few important characteristics of opening paragraphs. A good opening paragraph must be fact-packed, concise, and specific, arouses curiosity and has few adjectives. A sales script can, therefore, be structured to capture all these characteristics.

3-B Plan

How To Write Sales Scripts That Convert
The 3-B Plan is an acronym for brevity, blunt and basic. It is an acronym that insists on delivering your content to be short, straight to the point and using simple language. These qualities ensure your message is clearly understood by keeping it simple and short while highlighting the important elements it was meant to convey.

Praise-Picture-Push (3P’s)

A Praise-Picture-Push (3P’s) technique involves opening the communication in a way that is perceived to praise your audience. This can be a sincere and respectful compliment about his/her/their accomplishments. Then using a cause-and-effect technique, describe how your product/service/idea would deliver by painting a picture of the ultimate goal. Ask them to commit to your idea/product/service to work together and reach this goal as earlier described.

Wrapping it up

Concisely, these techniques have been proved to be effective in converting sales, and they can be employed in developing sales scripts. Sales scripts are dynamic tools and therefore must be edited, reviewed and updated to mirror the audience characteristics and changes in the field of application.

The efficacy of these techniques in writing a sales script coupled with other innovative technological and marketing tools can guarantee the business positive results in the sales department.
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