CrakRevenue Review- Leading CPA Ad Network [With Payment Proof]

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, August 6, 2017
If you are looking to make money online through some affiliate sources, you must try CPA (cost per action) offers. After we published, best CPM advertising networks, we started getting quires for the CPA networks where you can promote the offers and bank some decent money.
Usually, when it comes to CPA network, people rush to the networks like MaxBounty, and Peerfly. Those are definitely the leading CPA networks in the industry but I had a very experience with MaxBounty and since then I stopped using them.

I remember a couple of years back, they banned my account having good money ($$$$) without giving any proper reason. And the irony is, once your account will be banned, your affiliate manager will also stop responding to you. I shared this on Facebook and found many other people have faced a similar issue with them.

Since then I started looking for other CPA networks and recently I tried CrakRevenue and can say, they are one of the best CPA networks in the industry. Here I will be sharing my experience with CrakRevenue in this CrakRevenue Review. I will also share the CrakRevenue payment proof for better transparency.

Let’s start with CrakRevenue Review and see the other details like how to get accepted into the network.

CrakRevenue Review

CrakRevenue is a leading CPA affiliate network and is one of the largest ad networks as well. Years of experience in the affiliate and Ad network have made CrakRevenue a leading CPA network where currently it delivers over 50G impression per month. By having 200+ CPA products and over 25000 affiliate marketers, CrakRevenue delivers 40 Million as a commission to their affiliates every year. This shows how big are those. Since 2011 they have grown revenue by 2000% and workforce by 950%. Currently, CrakRevenue has a team of hundreds of people supporting the huge business of CrakRevenue.

CrakRevenue for Advertisers

If you are a company or someone who want to promote their product, you should take benefit of the 10+ years of expertise of CrakRevenue. You can join CrakRevenue in the any of these categories-

You only need to pay for the traffic you receive and the leads you will get and so is quite beneficial for the advertisers. Here are some of the benefits for advertisers by CrakRevenue.

CrakRevenue also provides some advanced services like they will design the custom and dedicated landing pages for you. So, if you don’t have in-house UI team, you can leave this to CrakRevenue team and they will deliver highly-converting landing pages.

CrakRevenue For Affiliates

First, of all, you will find the following kind of campaigns at CrakRevenue.

PPL (Pay per lead): Here if someone is just filling the form with the URL having your affiliate id, you will get paid for that. Now the Payout completely depends on the kind of campaign, the country, company is targeting and the difficulty of the campaign.

Usually, a PPL campaign pays you anywhere between $1-$10 which may be little more or less depending on the campaigns.

PPS (pay per sale): In PPS, you’re getting paid only when someone buys the product from your affiliate link. As the conversion requires you to sell the product and so is considered as difficult but the payout is more.

Usually, you will get paid anywhere between $10-$100 or even more depending on the price of the item.

You’ll find all kind of CPA campaigns at CrakRevenue and you can select the one depending on your interest and market you are targeting.

The payout also depends on the countries you are targeting. Here is the countries name for reference with their traffic tiers.

  • Tier 1: USA, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand
  • Tier 2: Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Canada, France, Iceland, Ireland, Puerto Rico
  • Tier 3: India, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium

So, if you are getting maximum traffic from Tier 1 countries, you will get higher pay compared to tier 2 and 3 countries. Here are some of the features provided by the network to their affiliates.

How to get approved in CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue is a big network and getting approved as an affiliate in the network is a big deal. You need to have proper resources and knowledge to get accepted. Once you will sign up for the network, their affiliate managers will review your submission and will get back with the result. If your sites and knowledge are good, you will get accepted else they will send a short email.

You’ll find this question - How to get Approved CrakRevenue, very frequently on the affiliate forums. The best way to get approved is the honesty. Share all the details like traffic, traffic sources, locations etc. very clearly and correctly. Also, tell them how you’re planning to promote their offers and how those will get converted. Also, if you have any prior experience, mention that in the email and if possible, share the screenshot of the payment of an account for quick approval.

How to find best offers at CrakRevenue

You can easily find the best offers available at CrakRevenue using the search options. You can make filters on the niche, payout, promotion methods etc. Always try to select those campaigns where multiple traffic sources are allowed for better flexibility and conversion.

Once you have started your campaigns, you will the reports like below-

You can select the campaigns based on the CPA type. Below are the available types of CPA campaigns at CrakRevenue.

Payment Details

CrakRevenue works on Net-30 and every time you will find 700+ offers online. Net 30, you will get paid after 30 days for the earning made in the current month. Also, the payment can be done through Check, Paxum, RevShare and Wire. CrakRevenue also offers 5% revenue as a referral commission for all the referrals. That means if you are referring someone, you will get 5% of what your referred buddy will earn.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about CrakRevenue Review. I hope you got a clear understanding of the network and how to get approval from CrakRevenue.

If you are willing to work with CPA network and want some good payout, you should CrakRevenue. Also, their support team is excellent and ready to help you out with any issue. You can check their new technology called smartlink in the below video.

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