Shorty WP Cloaker Review- WP Link Tracking Plugin

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, July 8, 2017
Shorty WP Cloaker is a multipurpose marketing plugin for WordPress. It is an affiliate marketing, cloaking, conversion optimization, and remarketing plugin for the smart affiliate marketer.

Shorty WP Cloaker Review
Shorty WP Cloaker is an ultimate tracking plugin for affiliate marketer using which you can track affiliate links, PPC links, all other links. In this post, we will be talking about Shorty WP Cloaker Review and see the Shorty WP Cloaker features.

Shorty WP Cloaker Review- What is Shorty WP Cloaker?

Shorty WP Cloaker is a smart clocking and tracking WordPress plugins for marketers. Many marketers have witnessed even a sales growth of 700% after using Shorty WP Cloaker plugin. It is an amazing multi-purpose marketing product by Shorty WP. Here are some of the silent qualities of the Shorty WP Cloaker-

  • Shorten, cloak & automate your affiliate links
  • Put retargeting pixel codes on any site you promote
  • Mobile traffic & country-based redirection
  • Track commissions from any affiliate network
  • Amazing conversion reports & timeline graphs

We will talk the Shorty WP Cloaker features in detail later in this Shorty WP Cloaker review. You can also check the below video for more details.

Shorty WP Cloaker Features

Here are some of the amazing features of Shorty WP Cloaker which you can use frequently.

Shorten, Cloak & Track Links

You can shorten your long and ugly affiliate links and make it like your domain name. For example, an affiliate link

Can be rewritten as or something standard like this.

As per the research, your customers are 7x more likely to click on links that look clean & natural.

Affiliate SubID Tracking

Shorty WP Cloaker automatically adds an additional SubID in your affiliate URL by selecting your affiliate network which will help in tracking better. You don’t need to do anything manual for tracking.

Custom Geo-IP Redirect

This is an excellent feature I found in Shorty WP Cloaker where your user will be redirected to the geo-specific website. And this helps in maximizing your earning.

For example, let’s say you are working on some Amazon niche website where you are targeting USA traffic and have added the USA ( affiliate link. Now if the user has come from the UK and so Amazon will ask the user if they would like to access UK specific website. 99% of users will want to get redirected to the UK website and so if they will buy something you are not going to earn from it.

Shorty WP Cloaker eliminates this issue and helps in custom geo-IP redirect.

Link Monitoring & Downtime Alerts

With this feature, you will be able to know when your website was down through an email alert and you can act instantly. This helps you to minimize the business loss.

Turn Blog Keywords into Links

This is another notable feature of Shorty WP Cloaker where it will automatically make your blog keywords to the matching affiliate links. This will be applied to the old posts also and thus will drive the sales and commission.

Apart from the above notable features of Shorty WP Cloaker, here are some other features which you should know.

Click Limit & Link Expiration:

You can have redirected certain affiliate links to some other site and also make the expiration date and time. This helps in CPA campaigns where offers are for limited time.

Retargeting & Remarketing on Any Site:

You can add retargeting codes and Facebook pixel codes to track your visitors on any website. With this running Facebook, campaigns can be more beneficial.

Instant Postback URL Builder:

you can easily generate Postback URL so that you can use it with your CPA networks.

Import Affiliate Commissions:

You can import your commissions from different affiliate networks on Shorty WP Cloaker dashboard for better tracking and estimates.

See Conversion Timeline:

Helps you to get deep insight about the sale, lead or affiliate commission you generate.

User Access Levels:

You can add different users with different access levels. This will help you provide users with different access.

Integration with Affiliate Network

Shorty WP Cloaker allows you to integrate with multiple affiliate networks. You can easily integrate Shorty WP Cloaker with all the major affiliate networks like ShareASale, ClickBank, and many others.

Shorty WP Cloaker also provides integration with the major retargeting platforms like AdRol and many others.

Shorty WP Cloaker Pricing

Shorty WP Cloaker offers different pricing option depending on the number of licenses. For single installation license, it costs just $17.

The minimum requirements for using Shorty WP is 4.4.0, PHP version 5.3, and IonCube 4 Loader v4.7.5 for PHP. The company also provides 30-days money back guarantee where you can ask for complete money back.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about Shorty WP Cloaker Review. Shorty WP Cloaker offers excellent features and service to their customer at just $17. Also, no monthly cost involves.

If you are internet marketer or affiliate marketer and looking to boost your sales, you should try Shorty WP Cloaker for sure.
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