Hidester VPN Review- Fast, Secure and Innovative VPN Software

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, July 22, 2017
VPN (virtual private network) is an essential part of web security nowadays. We have talked a lot about VPN earlier in our best VPN service provider article. There we have discussed some of the top VPN companies like Hidester VPN and how those are helping to browse the web securely and with high speed.

There are a number of features of VPN like using VPN you can unblock blocked websites easily. Also, you can hide your real identity and download the torrent files with faster speed.

Today we are going to discuss another leading VPN service provider called Hidester VPN in this Hidester VPN review. We will see how to use Hidester VPN, Hidester VPN Features, Hidester VPN installation steps and pricing. Also, we will make a comparison with another leading VPN software.

Hidester VPN Review

Hidester is a very old company and used to provide free proxy servers earlier. I have been associated with Hidester since months now and have seen their VPN product built and growing. I have even used the beta version of Hidester VPN and can say it is one of the leading VPN software in the industry.

It is a fully secured, low-cost VPN software helping you in many ways like-

  • Browsing Internet
  • Download Torrent files
  • Access locked content and websites
  • Gaming and many other purposes
Let’s start with Hidester VPN review and see how to install and start using the tool.

How to Install Hidester VPN?

To get started with Hidester VPN, you need to first download it and then locate the file. Now just double click on it like you do for any other software. You will get a welcome screen where you need to press Next button. You may download the Hidester VPN software depending on the operating system you are using like- Windows, IOS, and Android.

In the next step, the installation wizard will ask you for your location-
Now press the next button and then it will ask you the main purpose of VPN use. You may select accordingly.

The next step will be about the censorship where you need to declare whether your country has the blocked sites or not.

Now select the main purpose of the VPN like whether you are using it for high speed or security.

Once done, click next and the Hidester VPN will start installing on your system.

While installation, it may ask you some security and internet access, allow those for a smooth installation.

Once everything is done, it will show you the welcome screen something like below.

Here either you can register with Hidester VPN if you have not done yet. If you are already registered, login to the system to access the Hidester VPN. The tool is currently in Beta but you can use it smoothly. Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to the Hidester interface which will look like below.

You can connect or disconnect the VPN by clicking on the H button shown above. You can also change the location of the server. Just click on it and the tool will show you all the available servers and IP.

You can select any of these as per your need. Also, you can add any servers to your favorites list as well for quick access. By clicking on the advanced button, you may also check the connection and speed.

Also, if you want to change settings like the theme, you may click on the gear icon at the top left corner of the interface and make changes as per your need.

Hidester VPN Features

Here are some of the awesome features of the Hidester VPN which you should know.

High Speed: The connection is fast and reliable. Also, the load per server is less which ensures smooth connection and high speed.

No Log Storage: Hidester VPN also works on zero log policy where it doesn’t store original IP address, the assigned IP address, DNS requests, nor anything else about your online activities.

Multiple Devices: With just one Hidester License, you can connect up to 5 devices.

Low cost: You can access the Hidester VPN premium features at just $11.7. also, the company provides 30-days money back guarantee with no question asked.

Protocols: Hidester offers all the three major protocols- OpenVPN, CamoWeb, and CamoVPN

Download Torrent, P2P: Unlike many other VPN, Hidester allows you to download Torrent Videos and any other P2P items with high speed.

How to Buy Hidester VPN?

You can buy the beta version of Hidester VPN at just $11.7 for 3 months. Also, the company provides 30-days of money back guarantee and you can ask for money back if you are not satisfied.

You can make the payment via a number of payment methods like- Cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Alipay, Union Pay, and WeChat. You will get following features with all the purchase.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about Hidester VPN Review. Currently, the software is in Beta version but has almost all the premium features of the full version. You can try the early discount which cost just $11.7 for 3 months which costs $3.9 per month.

The large number of IPs, excellent interface and zero log features are something I found amazing with Hidester. Also, the speed is recommendable no matter where you are using.

Do try the Hidester VPN and share the feedback with us!

                                              Download Hidester VPN Now!

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