Top 5 Reasons to Shop Online

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Ecommerce market is growing and is expected to reach USD 4 Trillion by the end of 2020. I have personally not seen an industry growing at such a huge rate. As the ecommerce segment is growing rapidly and so companies have started expanding their business in new area and segment. Amazon and Alibaba are the two great examples of these market expansion.

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The market and growth we are seeing currently were not the same if we look a couple of years of ago. There are multiple reasons which have forced people to shop online and we will discuss those in this post.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 reasons to shop online and the factors which have made this possible.

The two factors which I believe has made online shopping more popular are- Coupon sites and goods delivery company.

These two are the backbone of the ecommerce shopping and making it more interactive. Let’s start and see how the coupon sites and delivery companies are making online shopping more popular.

5 Reasons to Shop online for best profit

Here are the top 5 reasons to shop online for best profit. Ultimately money saved is the money earned and so we should focus on saving the money as well.

#1. Price is comparatively low

Usually, you will find the price of any goods less on online shopping sites compared to the offline market. And ultimately who want to pay more?

The main reason behind the low price is, they directly buy from the manufacturer and so no middle man is involved here.

#2 Enormous number of coupons & deals

This is the best thing I found with online shopping. You can find a good number of coupons for deals and discounts for all the ecommerce portals and stores. For example, if you are buying any item for $100 then with the help of coupons you can easily get 5-10% of discounts.

But the main question is where to find such coupons?

There are many coupons site where you can find the deals and discount coupons. Recently, I came across one coupon site Alerabat which is quite famous in Poland.

Let’s see how Alerabat can help you get good coupon codes for huge discounts.

Alerabat Review

Alerabat is a Poland-based online shopping coupon site having an international presence. You can browse coupons and deals for the online shopping for the countries like India, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, Russia, and the Czech Republic.

Their sites get redirected depending on your current location and you can browse through the coupons. Alerabat is having a chain of over 120 shopping sites with over coupons from 20 categories.

The best thing is, it is free for everyone and will be free forever. The use of coupons from the portal is a very simple process and just involve the below three step processes.

Currently, they are running a special section for Black Friday sale discount where you can get the best deals on apparel, watches, and electronics with black friday deals.

In this section, you can find some dedicated deals for the Black Friday sale and enjoy some great discount. Here are some of the amazing deals I found on Black Friday sale.

Features of Alerabat

I found Alerabat a leading coupon store and is growing very rapidly. Here are some of the amazing features I found with Alerabat which you should check for better use of the portal.
  • I found the site completely clean unlike any other coupon site full of ad network’s ads and popups.
  • I tried a few coupons and found all working perfectly on Freecharge and Paytm. And so, you can be sure that it works without any issue.
  • You can browse through coupon through multiple ways- You can search for coupons, browse through stores or jump to the top 100 stores for the best deals.
  • There is no need to sign up on the site to get the best coupons and deals.

Whenever you will click on any coupon item, it will display you all the result and the ways to use it as well. This helps you to utilize it better and even a first timer can get it used properly.

By these ways, you can find the best discount and deals for any online store and can save a good number of bucks.

I would suggest you visit the Alerabat store for the best discount before making any transactions on online shopping.

#3 Free Home Delivery

If you are doing online shopping, you won’t have to think of the delivery. You don’t have to worry about how the goods will be delivered to your home. Shopping portals will take care of this. They have either their in-house delivery company like Flipkart has (ekart is their delivery entity) or they have tie-ups with other delivery company like Amazon does.

Most of the time delivery is free after a certain amount. For example, Amazon provides free home delivery after a purchase of INR 499 which is the nominal amount. When you are getting home delivery who will want to carry themselves.

#4 Easy Return

This is another reason to shop online. Even people say the easy return is one of the leading factors that ask them to shop online.

You don’t have to be based on the decision of the shop owner whether they will return or not. Online shopping companies have standard rules and you can get your item returned if you are not satisfied within that period without any charges.

#5. Check the reviews

Customers usually are afraid to try the new items like how it will work. This can be resolved if you will do shopping online. If you are making a purchase on any ecommerce shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. you will find the review by their earlier buyers. They share their experience and rate as well.

Depending on the rating shared and feedback, you can decide whether to buy that product or not.

Wrapping it up!

These were the top 5 reasons to shop online. Coupons sites like Alerabat provides a solid reason to shop online as it allows you save more online on the shopping without spending any extra dime.

Here is a recent study by PayPal showing what exactly force people to show online. The data is based on the user feedback.

What motivates you to shop online?
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