Top 10 Myths About Buying YouTube Views

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, June 18, 2017
Buying YouTube Views has been a debatable topic among the marketers, few points are believed by almost everyone but most of them are nothing more than a myth. To accelerate the viewership of a video one thinks of various strategies to work in favor of the brand one of which is to buy YouTube views.

Myths About Buying YouTube Views
This is considered to be unethical by many people but here are few myths one should not believe without knowing them completely. Go through the following factors first to understand the difference between reality and myth about Buying YouTube Views. Users who want to grow their channels on the topic like Musically App and more should know these factors so that they can grow faster on YouTube. For example, free Musically followers is a new topic on which Youtuber are making videos so new Youtubers can do the same.

Myths About Buying YouTube Views- Top 10

Let’s start and see what are the top 10 myths about buying YouTube views and are those really affecting your videos? I am sure after going through these factors, you will be able to decide whether to buy YouTube views or not.

1. Legal factor

Do not believe those who call it illegal. It is not near to any illegal activity at all. However, there are some defined terms of service by YouTube, which must be looked into carefully. These rules are strict against bot views or false tricks for people to watch a video. Such practices are neither encouraged by YouTube nor the quality service providers.

2. Video can be removed

A common myth about YouTube videos is that a video can be deleted just in case you buy YouTube Views, which is in fact completely false. For instance, if one agrees to buy views for the video and a cheap provider is unable to give you as many likes even then the video is not subjected to be deleted. YouTube is primarily a video sharing network and focuses on deleting only videos which have an illegal content to share. It’s against the terms of service (TOS) while buying YouTube views is not a violation of TOS. So, if you were planning to buy YouTube views, go ahead.

3. The account is likely to ban

Likewise, your account is not going to be banned unless you are posting any illegal content or any defamatory commentary that might go against TOS of YouTube. Purchasing likes or views for your channel is not something for which an account will be banned.

4. Number of likes to be stuck at 300

Usually, YouTube views freeze when they reach around 300 views; this is a process of evaluation that YouTube takes time for any video before giving it a green signal and carrying it off further with more likes and views in the kitty. They are stopped to check whether they have been multiplied artificially or not. Views bout from quality service providers won’t give any such trouble, your number count won’t be stuck at 301. On the contrary, it would rather help you in case you are struggling with any problem of being stuck at one point.

5. Purchased views are fake

Most of the people think buying views or likes is all fake and there are no real account holders behind them and they are being artificially generated by automated techniques. But actually, these views or likes are not fake or inorganic to be precise. You should understand it as a paid form of promotion. One gets compensated in exchange for watching your video, therefore, it cannot be called inorganic.

6. Bought views are all same

You are mistakenly wrong if you believe all purchase likes or views are same in every way. Their location, viewer retention and Click through rates differ based on the requirements of the marketer. Cheap views are usually from bots, which is an artificial method to increase views but this is not the case with all views or likes.

7. No need to buy Comments or Likes

Some people who are new to the concept of digital marketing believe such misconceptions that one doesn’t have to buy comments or likes. This is a common myth as most of us believe that buying views will naturally get comments and likes as well but that is not the case always. It’s not a guaranteed solution to have everything else alongside with the views.

8. Comments purchased are generic

Although most of the service providing websites will offer not-so-specific or generic comments to the posts but few allow the client to customize comments according to their requirement. Their objective is to offer higher quality or relevant reactions for the content.

9. Influencers do not buy views

Almost all who do not understand things about online marketing end up thinking that buying views or likes is just restricted to beginners or amateurs but the facts are very much different. Thousands of top YouTubers prefer to purchase YouTube views to give their video a kick-start and to continuously improve their online visibility.

10. Buying likes or views is the complete strategy

This is not a safe strategy to say that one will get all the benefits only through buying views rather it's one of those tactics for gaining views. Doing this is not a solution for fixing everything up for your brand, ranking or promotion. Buying Likes would help you cross few obstacles but it is not the ultimate strategy to go for each and every problem.

These were the top 10 myths about buying YouTube views. You can also check our guide to host webinar using YouTube Live.

What you think? Should you buy the YouTube views or not?

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