HoverWatch Review- A Leading Phone Tracker Mobile App

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Have you come across a situation where you need to track someone’s phone? If yes, what you did to do that. Usually, you may need to doc such things to track your children.

HoverWatch Review
I found this question in the forum and after searching through various channels found one mobile app which does the exactly same. HoverWatch is that app and it allows you to track the activity of someone’s phone activity without knowing them.

This is quite a useful feature to track and know the activities done by your children without informing them. This will help you to keep a track on your children or your subordinates easily. Depending on the activity made by them, you can guide them and suggest the best solution.

In this HoverWatch Review, we will discuss the various aspect of the app along with the features, pricing and how to use HoverWatch Mobile app efficiently.

Using the HoverWatch mobile app is pretty simple and involves mainly three steps-

  • Download, install, and signup for the app
  • Prepare the device to track
  • Monitoring the recorded data

These three steps complete the fulfill of your requirements and the steps required from this tool.

HoverWatch Review- An Introduction

HoverWatch is a free mobile app developed by Refog in 2012. It provides employee monitoring and parental control solutions for customers worldwide.

The product has seen a tremendous growth in the past 6 years and has witnessed to be installed in over 12 Million computers so far.

Features of HoverWatch App

Here are some of the amazing features of the HoverWatch Android mobile app which you should know. Also, here I want to mention that don’t use this app for illegal purpose as the phone you are tracking won’t come to know that you are tracking it without their knowledge.

Record Phone calls and SMS

You can record the incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages on a remote device using this app. First, you need to install and configure the app on the device you want to track and rest in your control. The phone tracker app saves the following-

  • The actual audio recording of the conversation
  • The exact date and time
  • The duration of the call
  • The type of the call (incoming, outgoing, missed, unanswered)
  • A place where the call was made (if the geolocation function is enabled)
  • The smartphone number and name of the conversation partner (from the address book of the monitored device)

These calls can also be downloaded on your system or you can directly listen to them.

Track Cell Phone Location with GPS and Wi-Fi

You can also locate the phone location using this device which you can use for the security purpose. It can be done through both WiFi and GPS system.

Even if the user has turned off both GPS and Wi-Fi on the target device, the software is still able to track cell phone location with the help of known cell phone towers (GSM).

Track Facebook Messages

Social medias are one of the engaging platforms for time-pass for all generation of people. But it is not new that people are misusing it or getting misuse of it. HoverWatch app also allows you to tracks all Facebook messages sent from the Android phone or tablet.

The app allows you to save all the incoming and outgoing chats along with audio and video exchanged so that you can track it better.

There are many other features like this which you can use for the benefits of your child or employee and manage well. Here are some of the other notable features of HoverWatch-

  • WhatsApp spy
  • Viber Spy
  • Detect SIM Card Change
  • Saves All the Contacts
  • Track Camera
  • Phone Internet History and many others which you can find at the HoverWatch Features Page.

HoverWatch Pricing

HoverWatch is available for all the major platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS. They have the following two plans.

So, depending on the number of devices you need to monitor, you can subscribe to the plan. The payment can be done through PayPal.

You can go through the below video to learn how to install and configure the HoverWatch app on Android phone.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about HoverWatch Review. This is one of the most excellent apps I found online to track the entire activity of someone without knowing them

But again, it is highly recommended not to use this app for any illegal use and maintain the relevance. You can track your children so that you can take them to the correct path of the life.

Also, the cost is something which impressed me a lot. Usually, such useful devices cost a lot but it is very economical and starts at just $8.33 per month.

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