Networks Exceeding Webmaster Expectations

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, February 28, 2017
There are many ad networks for bloggers and publishers but are they all “legit”?

Of course, not, and so we keep on experimenting with different ad networks, trying to find the best.

Recently I came across Kimia, a premium online advertising network, and was pleasantly surprised at the tools, service, and results which it provides. So, I’ve decided to share my findings for any other webmasters that may be looking to increase their current revenue…. I mean that’s why we are in this game, right?

Kimia Review

Kimia is one of the fastest growing advertising networks working on both desktop and mobile. They have been around for 10 years and have historically been the top runners in mobile monetization, but have recently added the desktop to their roster with surprising success.

One of the things I like about the company is that the head management includes expert webmasters with over a decade of experience, so they really do understand our needs and business.

The network generates over 8 billion impressions per month and they provide global reach with 100% fill rate so it can be your one stop shop for monetization if you wanted to a plug and play solution for all of your traffic. However, you can also add the network to your current monetization partners.

Kimia for Webmasters

Here are few main aspect as to why I like working with Kimia as a webmaster:

Worldwide campaign coverage: Kimia monetizes all type of mobile and desktop traffic from all locations across the globe. They have a large number of premium and direct advertisers, who are ready to help you make the most of all your ad spaces. At any point in time, Kimia has at least 1500 advertisers actively looking to buy traffic.

Control over the types of ads: As a Webmaster, you are given control to exclude or include certain types of ads or verticals and can feel secure you are getting the correct advertisers due to the in-house compliance team and tech they provide.

Ad Formats: They provide a large range of ad formats for webmasters

Here are the ad types provided by Kimia.

● Display Banner
● Pop-under
● Pop-ups
● Interstitial
● Redirect
● Slide-In
● Sticky Banner
● Notification Bar
● Leading App
● Notification Push Up
● In-Video

For more information, Kimia provides a detailed review of each format here:

Anti-Ad Block Feature: A great tool they provide is the Anti-Ad block. We all know that ad blockers have affected revenue across the industry. It’s been estimated that 22% of users worldwide are using ad blocking tools due to which publishers are losing around $22 B revenue.

Kimia has introduced an in-house solution with its own anti-ad block features, allowing site owners to generate 100% of our traffic.

Here are some of the other best features I found when using Kimia:

● Self-service, easy to use interface
● Fast and easy site verification and campaign set-up
● Live instant chat with Account Manager to assist with any set-up or questions
● Account managers give detailed advice about how to set up the best strategy for your traffic, how to interpret stats, markets, offers etc.
● Real time stats, platform. Very user-friendly.
● On time payments and a wide range of method for invoicing.

Kimia vs. PropellerAds

Let’s compare Kimia and PropellerAds and see for a webmaster which one you should opt for and why.

I will take some parameters and will explain the difference between both ad networks. I am not saying anyone is bad, but just for comparison see how they each work.

So, let’s start with the Kimia vs. PropellerAds.

Ad Formats
Interstitials, Display banners, Sticky banners, Mobile pop-under, Mobile pop-up, Slide-in, Notification bar, Interstitial, Redirect / Direct link, In-video, Notification push-up, Leading app.
Mobile Size banner, on click ad, in-banner video, Slider.
Mobile Platform
IOS and Android
Target Options
Micro-geo targeting; Carrier; Device; Geo-location;
Through User Browser
Market Targeting
Affiliate Referral
 5% for 1st 6 months
5% of lifetime
Tracking Software
In-house proprietary platform
In-house proprietary platform
Minimum Payment
Payment Frequency
Net-7, Net-15, Net-30
NET 30
Number of Offers

Based on the above, I would suggest you try Kimia and see how it increases your current monetization. A small test with a portion of your traffic is a fast and easy way to ensure you are monetizing as well as possible. As their slogan says “Let the numbers talk!”
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