3 Tips To Brand Your Blog Through The Use of Voice

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, November 16, 2016
It takes a lot to build a successful business blog. Most companies who have found success with online blogging didn’t just come by it by accident; they worked hard for it.

They spent hours and hours researching and writing and planning and tweaking and networking and promoting to get to the position they’re in now. And while all that work was very intentional, there may be one very important part of their blog that wasn’t quite as intentional: their voice.

Finding a voice for your writing can be difficult, especially when your blogs are for business purposes and not personal purposes. However, this distinction by no means minimizes the importance of having a strong voice in your business blog writing.

So, to help you find this voice for your blog and use it to your commercial advantage, here are three tips for branding your blog through the use of voice.

Know to Whom You’re Writing

Blogging for a business typically gives you a good general idea of who you’re writing to because that’s also who your customers are. However, because good business blogs should be more about education than promotion, the ideal person you’re writing to could be someone who isn’t even a customer of yours yet.

To help narrow this down, you can ask yourself a series of questions that will help you pinpoint who you’re writing to. Use these questions to uncover the gender and age of your persona, marital status, hobbies, goals, desires and more.

By getting as specific as you can, even going so far as to give your ideal persona a name, you may find it much easier to write with a distinct voice because it’s like you’re writing to an actual person.

Match Your Blog’s Personality with Your Brand’s Personality

Even if you’re unsure about the voice and personality of your blog, you likely already know the personality of your brand. And to have a perfectly branded blog, your voice here should match the voice and personality of the rest of your business.

To ensure you’re doing this,the advise is writing down a handful of key personality traits that your brand embodies. Once you have these defined, try to transfer those traits into your blogs as well. If you’re able to do this effectively, you should be able to match the personality of your blog and the personality of your brand very well through the use of voice.

Research and Practice

If you’re still having a hard time creating a consistent voice throughout multiple blog posts, we recommend reading pieces from writers you’ve noticed that have a distinct voice and trying to pick up some tactics from them. It also doesn’t hurt to practice writing in a consistent voice through free writing or other exercises that allow you to focus on voice and voice alone.

When done correctly, the voice of your blog will emphasize and underscore the brand in which it represents. Use the tips mentioned above to find your voice and use it to your brand’s full advantage.

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