Adcash Review – Try This AdSense Alternative to Monetize your Blog

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, October 27, 2016
The main motive behind a blogger’s entry to the blog, besides connecting to people across the world, is to make money for him. A few of them generally aim to provide their blog readers with valuable information whereas many others look to earn money as well as provided necessary and relevant information.

One of best practices which Webmasters regularly use to monetize their blog is by adding advertisements on them. The obvious choice for adding advertisements on the blog is Google AdSense. It is the numerouno in the market but recently, bloggers are looking for other sources to monetize their blogs because of Google making strict policies.
One such alternate source that is making a wave in the market is Adcash. Most of the bloggers who are currently using Adcash are raving about the positive with positive reviews both online on the social network and among their friends as well. Let’s take an in-dept Adcash Review.

AdCash Review: The Introduction

Adcash spent a lot of time and effort to build one of the best ad CPM Network across the internet. The company emerged back in 2007 to help the webmasters, publishers, and bloggers to make few extra bucks by providing them with advertisements from various advertisers attached to the network.

Despite the humble beginnings where it didn’t achieve much success, the Adcash Network is currently present in 196 different customers and provide support to over 150k clients across the world. There are more than 3500 campaigns running currently serving up to a billion ads every month.

Adcash is based upon the Estonia ad network and is on constantly working to improve the network algorithms. This makes sure better earning opportunities for everyone – Publishers, Advertisers and themselves. The dynamic CPM optimization technology allows the ad inventory to shows ads relevant to a user’s previous search history.

Presently, a team of over 100 employees works throughout the day to make sure the company is constantly growing and provides ample of opportunities for their clients to make money. The support staff is well trained and has the vast technical knowledge to handle the customer query at its end without forwarding it to the technical staff unless am extreme case occurs.

Becoming AdCash Publisher

It is really easy to be a part of Adcash. All you have to do is to apply for the publisher program to monetize your blog. You don’t have to worry about any minimum traffic requirements or language barriers to joining the program. Avoid posting any pornography or illegal content on your website if you don’t want to be banned by Adcash and make sure you read the terms carefully before signing up.

Becoming AdCash Advertiser

Adcash calls upon all persons and companies to join their CPM Based network as an Advertiser. Their smallest campaign starts from as low as $100 which is reasonable for the features it contains. You will be provided with a dedicated account manager to help manage your account.

Also, you get to choose how you will display the different ads including CPA, CPL, CPM and CPC ads. Presently, you will find that the Adcash network already boasts of over 150k publishers.

Ad Formats Supported by AdCash

Adcash provides the advertisers with a number of different ad format types which they can use to serve their advertisements on the publisher’s websites. Also, the same facility is extended to the publishers also as they can choose the ad format for their blog/website. The different ad formats supported by the Adcash network are listed below.

• Banner Ads: The banner ads are available for a publisher to choose different sizes to display on their site. The list of sizes available are – 728x90, 468x60, 336x280, 250x250, 300x250, & 160x600.

• Footer Ads: Although, Adcash also provides the option to add Footer ads, they are only present in a single size of 728x90. These ads will be attached to the bottom of your screen, helping to provide significant results to the publishers. The footer ad will continuously move as the visitor keeps scrolling down on the blog.

• Interstitials Ads: The Interstitial ads tend to overlap your website and come with a pre-fixed size of 800x600. These ads are the best source to earn money as they are displayed first when any visitor opens your blog or website.

• Background Ads: The background ads are very important as they help to improve the overall CTR for your website. You can easily change these ads to match the website’s layout. The Adcash network also allows you to display these ads across the blank spaces in the header or the sidebar. The header ads have a maximum size of 2000x150 whereas the sidebar ads can be up to 340x770 in size.

• Site-Under Ads: One of the best performing ads across mobile and desktop websites is the Site-Under ads. As soon as any visitor opens your website, a new tab containing the ad will automatically open on their browser. It is quite similar to Landing pages and helps to increase your earnings.

• Slide-In Ads: The Slide-in ads are named so because they slide into your screen from the sides to grab the user’s attention, making these ads more prone to get a click from the visitor.

Besides, providing a number of ad formats for a desktop site, Adcash also provides a few ad formats for their mobile based website. This includes:

• In-App Interstitial Ads: An In-app Interstitial provides the publishers with a full-screen ad. It can be displayed either vertically or horizontally on your screen and helps a lot to generate a good CTR.

• In-App Footer Ads: These footer ads match the features provided by the footer ads made for the desktop site. These ads are displayed at the bottom of the mobile site and will continuously float down your mobile screen when you scroll down.

Adcash is among a selected few ad networks across the internet who also provide the publishers to add advertisements on videos in mobile or desktop site. You can also use this feature to maximum your monetary earnings.

AdCash Ad Network – Notable Features

Adcash provides a variety of interesting features to all its users. These are:

• Dashboard: Now, a publisher or an advertiser can keep a track of crucial information regarding the number of ad views per day and different payment data with the help of the dashboard. The Adcash dashboard is available in 8 different languages.

• Multilingual Site: Now, it is very easy to use the Adcash website in a language you know. Currently, you can easily translate the website to 8 different internationally spoken languages. These languages are English, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, French, and Chinese .

• Reporting: The ‘Reports’ section on the dashboard allows you to keep an eye out on the real-time data about your website. You can also get the complete stats to email to you on request.

• Customer Support: The dashboard also includes a dedicated account manager which helps you with all of your queries. You can expect all your queries to be replied back with a proper explanation within 12 hours.

• Payments: Adcash provides the clients with a number of payment withdrawal options including PayPal, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, and Skrill. Keep in mind that you must have a minimum of 100 Euros in your account before withdrawal.

The Bottom Line

Google AdSense might be the undisputed leader in the market but AdCash is growing a lot popular among the bloggers with each passing day. Adcash provides its clients with a number of ad formats and great features to earn some money.

Also, the publishers are provided with ample opportunities to generate as high income as they can whilst also providing the advertisers with opportunities to serve ads in their desired format across various different sites.

Why are you waiting? Join today and monetize your blog traffic.

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