Top 4 SEO Plugin for Browser You Should Use

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, April 17, 2018
SEO has changed its face from time and now you have to work hard and smart to outrank your competitors. You should use tools, techniques and all the available resources which can make your work easy.

Here is the top SEO plugin for a browser that is mostly used by the Webmaster and very useful in the SEO of websites. Let’s start to describe each of these top SEO Plugins for Browser.

Top SEO Plugins for Browser

Mozbar SEO Plugin

Mozbar is a free browser extension. Over the years it has become very popular, and it is listed among the top SEO plugins that provide the best on-page access to link metrics and the site analysis tools of the Moz. Many features are available in this plugin, but there are few features that are only provided to the pro-subscribers users and others are free.

The Team that is working on this plugin is trying to keep it free as much as possible. Now it’s the latest version 3 is available. Version 3 of MozBar is here that have the best SEO toolbar for digital marketers.
Many features are improved in this release like speed and many others like markup analysis. Mozbar SEO tool has always been one of my favorite tool that is used for conveniently and quickly investing clients, link prospect websites for critical on page elements, competitor, and inbound link metrics. Now every Webmaster is using this tool and has best SEO tool in its toolkit. It solves three main problems to its users:

• SERP analysis
• Site/Competitor research
• Link Profile

It is a very convenient tool when you are doing keyword research or analyzing the stat of your competitors. Just search your desired keyword, and it will show you the result with site’s configuration. This will give you a bright idea like how soon you can beat your competitors.

Mozbar is considered as a must have top SEO plugin for the browser.

Similar Web SEO Plugin

The similar web is also listed in top SEO plugin for the browser nowadays, it’s free, and the pro version was released in 2013. In addition to its features similar web facilitates its data is in the form of API.

Its main feature is that it extracts the data from the three primary sources and uses that information:

• Global and Local ISPs
• It calculates the web traffic directly measured from selected websites and has intended specialized estimation algorithms to estimate the traffic.
• A colony of web crawlers that scan the entire web

Majestic SEO Plugin

This is one of the main competitor of Mozbar SEO tool and so is among top SEO plugin for the browser. Again, it has all the essential and many useful features of an SEO toolbar. Here I will tell you about some of its features that you will see when you will install it in the web browser.
When you install it on a web page, you will be able to see number of valuable links,

• Number of root domains
• Link profile chart
• Trust flow and citation flow
• Many more features that are critical to have for the Webmaster

SEO Review Plugin for Chrome

SEO review tool is a free extension in the Chrome that quickly checks the URL that you’re visiting with your browser with one of these SEO tools.

Though there are multiple companies offering SEO services like Chicago SEO Services if you are looking for a free solution, you should go with these plugins, or you can check our Link Building tools or mega list of best blogging tools.
It has the following different kinds of tools:

SEO authority tools:

• Backlink tool/links checker
• Website authority checker
• Domain authority and page authority checker

SEO Content Tools:

• Bulk title tag checker
• Html headings Checker
• Duplicate content checker
• Bulk web page word counts checker

Social Media Tools:

• Social page authority checker
• Bulk LinkedIn share checker
• Google+ one count checker
• Bulk Pinterest pins checker

Technical SEO Tools:

• SEO Redirect Checker
• Internal link analyzer
• SEO list Crawler

More about this extension is that it is very straight forward and easy to use. After installing the extension, you will be able to see the icon of Review SEO tools on the top left corner of the browser.

Wrapping it up!

These above are the 4 top SEO plugin for a browser that is most important for the best SEO of the website.

Do use these top SEO plugins for the browser to save your time while doing research and analyzing your competitors’ sites. There are much more plugins like Alexa etc. which you may also use for maximum benefits.

Do share which SEO browser extension you’re using which makes your work easy.

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