5 Effective Ways to Save Money on Online Transaction

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, September 26, 2016
It takes a lot to earn the money and so we should always try to save as much as we can. The Internet world is moving very fast and we can buy almost everything online nowadays. But how many times you have tried to save or get some cash back while doing an online transaction?
Well, if you are doing so, it’s great and if not you should start saving immediately. Ultimately you don’t have to do anything extra and with just a little effort, you can save some decent amount online.

How much one can actually save?

Let me share my scenario itself. Earlier I used to use Vodafone postpaid card for calling and mobile internet and used to receive monthly bill around 1000 to 1500 bucks a month. Usually, you will find a good number of coupons to save on bills and I was using those and saving some good money every month.

But the issue came when I moved from Vodafone to Airtel due to some network issue in my new office. As you may know, usually, you won’t find coupons on Airtel recharges and so I had to pay full amount every month. I was in search for some methods so that I can save a bit and finally found Airtel wallet through which the company allows some coupon and I am saving around 50-100 bucks on each transaction. Although not a big amount but still this figure matters when you just have to pay 1k-1.5k bucks.

So the motive of this story was we should always look for saving while doing a transaction online. And this doesn’t only apply to the bill payment; you should do the same for e-commerce site transaction and others as well.

In this article, I am going to share 5 Effective Ways to Save Money on Online Transactions. You can save some decent money on every transaction using these methods.

Most Effective Ways to Save Money on Online Transaction

Let’s start with some of the working methods to save money on an online transaction. These are tested and working methods and you should try these to save few bucks.

1. Look for coupon code

This is the most effective method I found to save money on an online transaction. You will almost find coupons for every store and all you have to do is, just use those coupon codes and save some amount of the total transactions either in the form of discount or as cash back.

There are many coupon sites where you can find plenty of coupons for various online stores and you can use those for free.

Just visit the sites and copy the coupons you may want to use. For example, you are shopping at BigBasket and you need a coupon for it. Just check Bigbasket offers and select the one which may be of your interest. Now copy the code and at the time of billing, apply that coupon code and save a good amount.

2. Use the right card

Many times you will find some offer one some particular cards. It can vary from bank prospective or card type.
Sometimes you will get few offers or a special discount on some selected banks and so to get those discounts, you will have to use those cards only.

Also, many times discounts are available for some particular cards like Master card, Rupay card etc. So check the offer criteria before doing the transaction.

3. Abandon your cart

You must be getting some emails about the product which you browsed but didn’t buy? Have you thought how they come to know what you browsed but didn’t buy?

Well, that is the beauty of Big Data and machine learning. Sometimes when you add some products to your cart but didn’t complete the transaction then you will receive some discount offers from the company so that you can make a sell.

This will not happen every time and so you should be careful here.

4. Buy Now!

Sometimes if you are browsing the site or on some ads, you will find a special discount on some product. If that is of your interest, you should buy instantly as those are some special discount provided for some special sessions.
Usually, you will find such offers on Hosting, Domain, and related digital marketing stuff. Recently, when I was logged into BigRock for domain setting, I found one banner displaying a .com domain for just 99 bucks and was valid for that particular session itself.

So you should buy those immediately if you need one!

5. Subscribe for the offers

This is a much-needed stuff. Just browse some site which offers free discount coupons and vouchers and gets their emails regularly. You will find plenty of coupons for your next online transactions.

If those emails are disturbing you, just make those mute and you can continue. But believe me, when you need, those will help you for sure.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best ways to Save Money on Online Transaction. You should definitely try these to save few bucks on every transaction.

I would love to know how you are saving on an online transaction?

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