Top 7 Tips to Choose a Perfect Corporate Gift

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, September 13, 2016
I was planning to write this post on How to choose a corporate gift since long and finally it is here. This is not something like a birthday gift or the general gifts and so need some proper planning. Here in this post, I will be telling you about some creative corporate gift ideas.

Before going ahead with choosing a perfect corporate gift, let me tell you some corporate scenarios where you can get or have to give gifts.

• Applause your employee
• Gift the best performer
• To the client
• On festive seasons
• During memorable occasions and much more…

Employers ought to do more than just praising the employees verbally or through emails for their valuable contributions in different fields. They must bestow the employees some corporate gifts to show how valuable they are for the company/team etc.

Such kind of culture in the company creates a healthy relationship among the employees and all try to work hard so that next time they can be the one who will receive the gifts and awards.

Besides corporate gifts for employees who have won accolades to the company, the gifts may also be handed out to all employees on festive occasions all around the year.

Apart from gifting the employees, there are numerous occasions where companies gifts to their clients to cement the company and client relationship.

Gifting client can be very tricky as it depends on many situations and you should take care of many things while choosing a perfect corporate gift.

Here I am going to discuss top 7 tips to choose a perfect corporate gift for your clients, employees and all kind of corporate gifts.

How to choose a perfect corporate gift

Like, I said that it can be tricky while selecting the corporate gift and you should choose it very carefully. So, without wasting the time, let’s talk about some of the great ideas to choose a perfect corporate gift.

Gifting your employees

If you are an employee, you can relate this to you. How happy you become when you receive some appreciation and rewards for the quality work you did?

Gifting your employees will not only make them feel happy but also they will consider themselves as an integral part of the company which is indeed required for the growth of the company. This also helps to retain your top performers.

Now coming to the creative corporate gift ideas for employees, here you can gift them anything which you feel would be required. You can even do some survey as what are the things those your employees may want as a gift.

It can be anything like barware, bowls, and glasses, bread baskets and candle holders to even lunch boxes, watches, torches, mugs, Balsamic Vinegar, Italian Pecorino and wall clocks!

Gift Ideas for your client/business partners

This would be definitely tricky as a wrong gift can create bad impression while a good corporate gift can even do wonders. So be extra cautious while choosing a perfect corporate gift for a client.

Before buying a gift for your client, just think of the situation and the kind of message you want to convey. It can be different for different situations. Just think of the below two situations and select the best gift for a business partner.

• Think of the message you want to convey to them- Thanks/welcome/making trust etc.
• Think of occasions like you are about to get business or it is extending the business contract etc.

Think of the event!

If you are giving the gifts to the entire office on some occasions then having the event based gifts can be a good deal.

Also, if you are inviting your clients on some events/occasions then presenting an event based corporate gifts can be a good choice.

Such kind of event based gifts can feel them that how much you as an employer care about the occasions.

Place yourself at the receiver side

This is the best way to choose a perfect corporate gift. Whenever you are unable to decide what corporate gifts you should give, just place yourself at the receiver end. Now think if you had to be at the receiver side what you would have imagined and presented the similar kind of gifts.

No matter you are about to gift your client, business partner or employee, think whether if you were any one of them, would you have loved the gift or not; this should simplify the decision manifold for you.

Gifts those can be used on day to day basis

The bets gifts are those which can be used day in and day out. If you are presenting a gift which can be used on a daily basis then be sure it will impact way more than you may have thought.

Suppose you have gifted something which your client will have to see while starting the day or while opening or closing their bag or on the office table then think of how many time they will remember you in a day which will be definitely a positive sign for your organization and business.

Also, if in such gifts you are able to incorporate your company logo or name then you are in good hands.

Take care of the cultural differences

In the corporate world, it is very common that your client or employee can be from the different state of your country or from a different country. You should know about their culture, events, and important occasions.

You must make sure that you are well aware of the gifting traditions of the country or state your client hails from, lest you might accidentally end up offending him which is obviously something you are not looking for.

Think about yourself when some of your online friends wish you on your festivals. In the same way, your client, business partner, and employees would be when you do the same.

They will have the feel how important they are for you. Also, take care of the traditions. For example, if you are sending the gifts in some countries, don’t wrap in the white packet as in some countries white color is associated with death as per the country’s traditions and customs.

Make it in your company budget

Corporate gifts are more than a feel-good measure. It is a way to fill the gap between you and client, it is a bridge to extend the relationship and cement those.

But while choosing a perfect corporate gift, take care of your company budget as well so that the production and other important works should not be impacted.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best tips to choose a perfect corporate gift. I hope you liked these creative corporate gift ideas for your business.

One thing you should note here is not to buy corporate gifts from local brands or unheard brands. After all, you wouldn’t want your precious gift to stop functioning or leave a bad impression.

There are plenty of good brands and stores from where you can buy some good gifts which will cement your relationship and fulfill multiple purposes.

What you consider while buying a gift? Do share your thoughts with us!

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