Tiny Ranker Review- Track Your Site Rank Effectively

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, August 20, 2016
SEO is no longer a matter of keyword selection and writing a lengthy content on it. Due to high competition now you have to something extra those your competitors’ are either not doing or not doing it properly.

To be in the competition, you need to use some tools like Tiny Ranker which will help you to know about your competitors, know about your site ranking and much more apart from the normal SEO works. Using such tools, you can save your lots of time and can focus on other works as well. In this Tiny Ranker Review, I will be showing you how you can use it and how you can track your site’s rank with Tiny Ranker.

Tiny Ranker Review

Tiny Ranker is becoming the world’s most user-friendly online SEO tool helping your website rank well in the search results. It is a tool for all the SEO executive to manage all their SEO works using a single tool more effectively.

With over 3000 users already using this tool, you can get the below benefits-
It is one of the best tools to analyze keyword, check the ranking of the keywords you are targeting, details about your competitors and much more which you can do under one roof.

Why should you use Tiny Ranker?

Well, apart from being it an SEO tool, there are many insider benefits which you won’t find anywhere else at some less price and in just one tool.

Here are some of the features of Tiny Ranker which make it ahead of the competitors’ tools-
  • It is considered as most user-friendly SEO tool
  • Easy to manage dashboard helps to keep an overview
  • Keep track of tasks and optimization with Task Management
Below are some of the products from Tiny Ranker which will help you in your SEO campaigns-

How to start with Tiny Ranker?

Starting with Tiny Ranker is very easy. Also, they are providing 30 days of free trial without any credit card. For this Tiny Ranker review, I am setting up a new account and will share the exact steps to get started with Tiny Ranker easily.

• Access the 30 days monthly trail by using Tiny Ranker Free trail link and fill the required details.

• Now just check your email id and you will find a link for account activation. Just activate your account and log in. Now it will ask you to add your website. Add the site you want and select your preferred search engine. You will get the below dashboard now-

• As you can see, there is no keyword added for now and so just add some keyword for which you would like to rank for or keywords you are targeting. You should add one keyword per line and select the checkbox to get updates whenever there will be any changes in ranking.

• Now it will show you the status for all the keywords you have added here. It will show you the current ranking, URLs and much more. If it is a new tool, it will show the new URL option as shown below.

There are many other sections like URLs where you can find the list of keywords which are ranking for more than one URL. You can also check the keyword list.

• Google Analytics

Needless to say, Google Analytics is one of the most trusted sources to get the stat information about your blog and website. It shows you the traffic stat, demographic details, pages, keywords and much more and people consider this as authenticated source of information.

The good thing is you can integrate your Tiny Ranker account with the Google Analytics account to check all the details at one dashboard.

All you have to do is, just you need to grant the access to Tiny Ranker to connect and access the data of your GA account.

• Competitors

You can know about your competitors from this section and can get all the details so that you can outrank those.

Just check the competitor section and by default, it will show you some of the sites as your competitor which are ranking for the keyword you are targeting. You can add custom site name as well to track the ranking.

You can find the keywords of your competitors’ as well from this section and can analyze for better results.

• Reports

If you are working for your client, this will be very helpful or even you are a team people can use to for more productivity.

You can create reports for the site added in the tool and can generate a different kind of reports. You can analyze those reports and can analyze those reports for better results.

Apart from all these, you can add notes which will be beneficial to track the works, due dates and much more.

Plans & Pricing

Tiny Ranker has flexible plans so that it can fit all. Once you are satisfied with the trial period, you can go for any of the plans listed below-

If you are a blogger, then I would suggest you go with Starter or Basic plan but if you are working as an SEO executive or running a business then Expert or Agency will work best for you depending on the business you own.

Also, if you are not satisfied with the product anytime you can ask for the refund. They have a money back guarantee of 14 days.

What others says about Tiny Ranker

Here are some feedback provided for Tiny Ranker by their existing customers-

Wrapping it up!

Tiny Ranker is a perfect SEO tool to manage and track the site ranking along with many other features. If you are an SEO executive or a website owner, you should try this tool for the better track of your rankings.

Initially, you can go with the 30-days free trial and once you will find it useful, try getting the paid plans which just starts at $19 per month.

Which tool are you using to track your keyword ranking?

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