A Beginners Guide to Data Loss and Recovery [Infographic]

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, August 29, 2016
Most of us must have experienced the data loss at least once. This can be due to several reasons like hardware failure, system crash, power outage, file deletion, drive formatting, and virus infection, even natural disaster could destroy data.

But what you do to protect your data from being lost?

There are few solutions to it-

• Don’t use commodity hardware to store the data: But the issue with this solution is, the high-end hardware are very costly.

• Use a copy of the data at a different place, if using commodity hardware which we called as backup. Currently, industries are using this method as fault tolerant system under Hadoop.

• Use data recovery software to recover the lost data. For individuals, this can be the best method considering the cost associated with it.

Greatest cause of Data Loss

Here are some of the greatest causes of data loss and you should definitely take care of this things-

• Deleting files accidentally
• Viruses and damaging malware
• Mechanical damages of hard drive
• Power failures
• Theft of Hard drive
• Spilling coffee, and other water damages
• Fire accidents and explosions and much more.

But the issue is, after taking all these precautions also, sometimes you can lose data due to natural disasters. For such scenarios, you should be handy with the data recovery tools so that you can get the lost data easily.

Here is one Infographics showing the different aspects of data loss and recovery. You can call this as a beginners guide to data loss and recovery.

Data Loss and Recovery Infographic

This data loss and recovery infographic exhibit the reasons for data loss, it's stat, percentage distribution and the way to recover the data. This infographic has been designed by EaseUS.
  Data Loss and Recovery
Data Loss and Recovery. An infographic by the team at Secure Data Recovery Services.

What you do to protect yourself from data loss and which tool you use to recover it?
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