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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Visuals help to reach the people’s brain faster than any other way of communication. During a PowerPoint presentation, using visual elements such as figures, graphics or illustrations, you can convey a message clearly and maximize the impact of your presentation. 

You can think of how important is the presentation design from the fact that companies are now having a dedicated creative & marketing team which only deals with such kind of visuals like posters, banners, presentations, etc.

Do you really need to spend hours to design great PowerPoint slides?

Well, you must be thinking how much time it takes to prepare a stunning and converting PowerPoint slide for your next meeting.

So to answer that, it depends on you. But the best thing is why you need to design those from scratch?

Why don’t you take help of something called, TEMPLATES?

Like you have website templates and themes, you too have PowerPoint templates to fulfill the presentation design needs and finish the presentations on time, producing a visually appealing result.

Let’s suppose you have created or edited a presentation using the default theme in PowerPoint for your today’s presentation in say 5 hrs. but what about next?

Are you going to spend another 5 hours to prepare your next slide?

This might not be the most optimal solution. I was also in the same situation some days ago when I needed to finish an IT presentation. I have finished the content but the overall presentation design didn’t look well with the default white background in PowerPoint. Then, I started to search for abstract backgrounds for PowerPoint and found Free PowerPoint Templates (FPPT) which offers you free and best PowerPoint Templates for all your need.

In this blog post, I am going to write about review and their features with how to use for maximum benefit. Review at a glance

FPPT is the acronym for Free PowerPoint Templates and is one of the largest sites having huge, trendy and unique collections of PowerPoint templates for use and that too free (yes, it is completely free, visitors can download the content even without registering).

It hosts thousands of pre-designed slide deck with presentation themes, templates and diagram designs which are ready to be used in major versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. It offers you the largest design patterns in different color and categories to make your work damn easier. Here you can get PowerPoint illustrations, 3D designs, animated presentations and much more for free.

Although FPPT is not the only site which offers the PowerPoint templates (there are other such as or but this is the place where you can get the best PowerPoint backgrounds to fit your presentation needs. But wait, FPPT can be a good resource for the enthusiast presenter, students, teachers, who want to download a presentation theme. For more sophisticated users there are other professional services requiring a premium subscription, like SlideModel.

Why Free PowerPoint Templates (FPPT)?

Currently, FPPT hosts over thousands of free PowerPoint templates for your use instantly. This also includes PowerPoint pictures, animations, and illustrations which can be downloaded instantly and used.

FPPT also provides presentation templates, PowerPoint themes, PowerPoint backgrounds, 3D PowerPoint templates, animations for PowerPoint, and PPT PowerPoint which are completely free to use. Using these designs you can easily turn your ordinary presentations into stunning presentations and can get most out of it. A good move to impress your clients and audience.

These templates are suitable for business and classroom presentations on education, health, trading, as well as general-purpose designs including seasonal PowerPoint themes and templates PowerPoint that you can use to make presentations and then share PowerPoint online in services such as, SlideOnline or even using PowerPoint online.

Here are some specific benefits of using FPPT-
  • Focus on your presentation content and save time with pre-designed themes.
  • Ensure compatibility across different versions of PowerPoint.
  • Impress your audience with catchy slides & photos and PowerPoint themes with great backgrounds.
  • It’s completely free to download and use.

Features of Free PowerPoint Templates

There are multiple features and benefits of FPPT apart from the fact that it is completely free to use.

Another important thing you will find at FPPT is, they have arranged all the thousands of templates in such a way that anyone can find what they want. All templates have been categories depending on their niche, color etc. for best user experience.

You can browse the themes in the following ways:

1. Categories- As per niche

Suppose you want business PowerPoint templates or education related, just browse through the category you want and get access to hundreds of themes available which are ready to be used.

2. Top Rated PowerPoint Templates & Slide designs

If you don’t have much time to find which are the best design for your next presentation then this category will help you the most.

They have arranged the top rated templates and slide design at one place so that you can have a glance quickly. These ratings are from the users who have already used and have voted and so you can trust these.

3. Themes

Using this section, you can get immediate access to the latest presentation designs. Here you can browse our PowerPoint backgrounds and PPT designs for presentations and Microsoft Office templates. As a side note, it is interesting to see how the recent designs are superior to the older designs in terms of quality.

4. Browse through Tag

The content is organized by relevant tags. You can browse the presentation themes by tags and then show all the themes with that particular content. It is similar to the way we organize the content in a blog, tagging each article or blog post with relevant tags. FPPT has also done the similar thing.

You can browse through the hundreds of different categories through tag here.

5. Colors

If your presentation or slide is specific to a company which has some specific color then this section can help you a lot as you can find presentation templates by color and find the themes based on the same colors used by your corporate visual identity.
For example, you are going to present for a company to get a deal and that company’s main color (logo/wall etc.) is orange then you can prepare the slide based on that color background just to add some personal feel.

How to search for the best template as per keyword?

Now suppose you have one specific keyword in your mind and want to get the best PowerPoint templates related to that particular keyword.

You can do this simply by using the search box. Just type the keyword and you will get all the available templates in the search result. You can browse any kind of presentation design, including PowerPoint diagrams, figures and other graphics for presentations.

At the time of preparing this blog post, I have searched for the keyword “Technology” and see the result it showed-

Now all you have to do is, click on the link shown and download it. On every template page, you will find a button asking your download it. Just click on it and it will be downloaded to your system as a zip file. Just open it and double click on the file with extension .ppt or .pptx. You can ignore rest all.

Another good thing I found with FPPT is, under each category of templates, at the end of the page they list few best templates under that category. You can take help of that as well.


This was all about the review. Hope this article will help you to find the best templates for your next PowerPoint slides and other designs. Generating a visual impact seems to have better results than any other way of communication, and can help you finding the right visuals for your presentations.

It is one of the largest free resources for PowerPoint templates. You should check it if you are going to design any presentation. Ultimately it’s free.
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