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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, June 15, 2016
If you are a freelancer or a business owner then many times you have come across a situation where your clients demand the invoice for the payment?

I am sure your answer will be YES. Even I send it multiple times. So what I used to do is, I search any site and create the invoice. But the issue is next time when my client asks for some edit, I don’t find the original site where I created and so I create it again.

InvoiceBerry Review
To avoid such issues, I was searching for a good online invoice generator and a day I landed on InvoiceBerry and I can say this site has got much more than just creating invoices online.

In this post, I will be taking you through InvoiceBerry as per my experience with the site since one and half month and InvoiceBerry features.

InvoiceBerry Review

InvoiceBerry is an online tool to create superb Invoices & Track Business Expenses. Using this tool, you can create business invoices online in minutes and track expenses. This tool is very much beneficial for freelancers and small business owners.
InvoiceBerry Review
With this tool, you can save time, create an attractive invoice and track your bills in a better way and hence manage cash flow.

Benefits of using InvoiceBerry

Here are some of the benefits of using InvoiceBerry for your personal and business works.

• save time creating invoices and quotes on the go
• add payment terms on your invoices and quotes
• send invoices in different languages
• choose from 15 different invoice templates
• set up recurring invoices
• customize invoices by adding your logo
• keep track of all expenses no matter how big or small
• the online software enables you to track expenses on the go
• sort expenses by categories
• tracking expenses help you to spend money more carefully
• create expenses reports to see where you spend the most money
• See billed invoices and received payments, expenses and cash flow in one table
• Check unpaid invoices and send invoice reminders or add payments
• View recent activities

And much more…

Is InvoiceBerry for you?

InvoiceBerry is for everyone who needs to create invoices and wants to manage their expenses. Mainly InvoiceBerry is for the below two major categories-

• Freelancers
• Small business owner

But this doesn’t mean if you need it and you are not from the above two categories, you can’t use.

Features of InvoiceBerry

There are a number of features that InvoiceBerry provides to use. I will take about InvoiceBerry features in details in this section.

Customized Dashboard

The dashboard is something that a company needs badly as it depicts the summarized and graphical view of all the stuff running. It may be a campaign dashboard or a financial dashboard. Using these data, company’ business leaders make a decision about the growth and plans.

In InvoiceBerry dashboard also, you would be able to see all your invoices, paid, unpaid and much more as shown below-

InvoiceBerry Review

Invoice & Quotes

The invoice page is the most important page in InvoiceBerry. Here you create, edit and send your invoices. You can email or post your invoices directly from InvoiceBerry on this page.

InvoiceBerry Review

There are much more options available here like-

• You can set recurring invoices
• You can add payments
• They provide many templates and from that, you can choose which suits your business
• Convert quotes into invoice easily and much more.

InvoiceBerry Invoice Template


Using this feature, you can keep track of your expenses. On the expenses page, you can add new expenses, suppliers and expense categories to keep track of your expenses and see what vendors or categories you could make savings on.

InvoiceBerry Expenses


Well, another needed and excellent feature from InvoiceBerry is Reporting. You can create powerful report depending on your requirements.
InvoiceBerry Reporting
You can also download these reports or can send to someone through email from InvoiceBerry dashboard itself.

Multiple Users

If you are working in a team or you have your team then this feature will help you a lot. Multiple users function allows you to save time that you used to spend sending invoices and quotes or tracking expenses because now your team can do that for you while you can spend that time working on other important parts of your business.

Also, you can store your client details and items in your InvoiceBerry dashboard and so next time you won’t have to check in the notepad or in your system folder.

InvoiceBerry Pricing

InvoiceBerry is a fermium tool which means you can use it for free also and paid version is also available. Definitely free will have limitation. Below are the plans of InvoiceBerry-

InvoiceBerry Pricing
With all the account plan, you will have below benefits-

What other say about InvoiceBerry?

Here are some feedback received from the users who are already using InvoiceBerry. It seems they are quite satisfied and happy with the service company provides.

InvoiceBerry Testimonials

Over to you

InvoiceBerry is definitely a must have tool and subscription for all freelancers and small business owners. You can manage your bills and invoices at the same place with many other features.

Do try InvoiceBerry and share your experience as InvoiceBerry review with us as well.
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