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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, April 26, 2016
It’s not a secret that Microsoft PowerPoint is the #1 tool to create professional presentations. But many times we stuck at the point as the number of templates are limited, ordinary and fixed and we end spending a lot of time and effort tweaking the slides to make them visually appealing.

For example, if we are doing a presentation on Hardware service providers, then you will hardly find any good template or design to create the presentation. And we have to use any pre-existing template from Microsoft PowerPoint, which could not fit well for our presentation needs.

Today, I am going to share a tool which will help you to come out of such issues. offers a cost-effective solution for presenters to download PowerPoint templates for major versions of PowerPoint such as Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, but also compatible with other popular presentation tools, such as Keynote and Google Slides.

In this post, I am going to review the main features offered by SlideModel and how this great tool can help you, as a presenter, to create eye-catching presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.

What is SlideModel?

SlideModel is a subscription-based website where you can get immediate access to a growing catalog of presentation templates. As per today, they have over 10000+ slides & PowerPoint graphics which help you to create a beautiful presentation. All their slides and templates are highly customizable and editable and can be adapted to your presentation requirement or corporate visual guidelines.

Also, using SlideModel is simply easy given that you know the requirements like what kind of slides you are looking for. You can browse thousands of slide designs in their content catalog or search for any particular topic to find the graphics you need to use in your presentations.

They create professional templates aligned with modern trends and current market needs. Also, their support team is always available to assists with their visual content needs to get the most of the gallery.

Now let’s move to the different features and products that SlideModel is offering and know how they can help you in managing the presentations.

What all SlideModel Offers to you?

As I mentioned, SlideModel offers a broad range of slides and templates to design a compelling presentation. Below are the major resources that SlideModel provides which helps you to shape the presentations well.

PowerPoint Templates

You can download these PowerPoint templates and can make your work easy. They have a large variety of templates, and you can select as per your niche and requirements. These templates have been arranged based upon categories, styles, and themes to make it easier for you to find.

For example, you can find Business PowerPoint Templates, Strategy PowerPoint templates, SWOT Analysis Template (SWOT is an analysis method used in business) and Marketing PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint Diagrams

A diagram makes the presentations even more beautiful and impressive. To keep this in mind, SlideModel has come up with many diagrams such as data table, ribbons, etc. to help you. You can show data in these tables and charts or can use to represent any important points.
You can find different kinds of diagrams such as circular diagrams, process flow diagrams, flowchart diagrams, and arrow-based diagrams, etc. Avoid traditional bullet list, and include visual appealing graphics that will enhance your business presentation.


If you are dealing internationally or showing location in your presentations, then these Maps will be a great help for you. The best thing with these maps are, these are editable and so depending on the location you are working, you can use the states or countries. It can be very useful to make a sales presentation and highlight top sales regions or countries in a map instead of using tables.

They have all the major country’s maps like North America, Asia, and South America, etc. which makes your work even easy. You can also get access to editable continents and world maps created with PowerPoint shapes.

PowerPoint Shapes

If you are looking for some creative shapes like diodes or weighing machines to make your point, this is for you. Their shapes and illustrations make a great impact in your presentations and are a good way to express yourself.

Data and Charts

If you are dealing with some financial data or market research, you may come up with a need of some data representation model or charts. SlideModel understands this and has a separate section for data and charts to make your work easy.
You can find great business models and dashboards in this section which you can edit as per your use. Most important, for those dashboards you need to present every month, you can use data-driven versions that connect to your Excel data sources, and just refresh the data without the need to recreate the full presentation.

Text and Tables

These Text & tables can be used to list some features of your products or can be used as a pricing table etc. Different kind of tables and stylish design makes it more impressive to use.

You can even use these tables to compare the products which have more physiological effects.

How to use SlideModel?

Using SlideModel is very easy, and all you have to do is, just subscribe to any of their available pricing options and get access to the incredible library of beautiful templates.

SlideModel’s pricing options are very flexible and depending on your use; you can learn more about the available plans here.

What do others say about SlideModel?

I checked many sites for review and rating from the existing customers and found their existing customers are quite satisfied with the quality and flexibility they have received.

Below are some of the reviews from their customers, and the testimonials match with the reviews posted here.

The following video demonstrates how can be used to boost your productivity while creating presentations in PowerPoint by reusing pre-designed templates, slides and graphics.

Over to you

Looking at the library of beautiful and highly customizable templates, I found SlideModel very helpful. You can use any of their presentation templates easily and can customize it as per your need.

Also, the pricing is fair and very flexible with the different subscription plans available.

How are you making stunning presentations in PowerPoint?

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