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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, March 20, 2016
Now a days making money online is not a big deal. All you need to have is determination and a way to make money online. If you can work hard, believe me you too can earn a considerable amount of money online like I do.

But let me warn you first, don’t get into the tap like earn thousand dollar by doing few minutes of work or so…there is no such machine which can just generate thousands of dollar in minutes. You will have to work hard to get some money in your wallet but believe me, if you will do, you can earn decent.

There are numerous methods to earn money online. If you own a blog or website or have some technical knowledge, you can check our blog where we have discussed 21+ proven methods to earn money online.

But what if you don’t contain a blog or site?

Nothing to worry. Today I am going to share a method using which you can earn decent money (definitely not millions) online through your consistent work. No matter you have a website or not you can earn money by shortening URL.

Don’t worry, I am not asking you to write articles or fill the surveys or so on but just by shorting the URL and through promotions you can earn decent. Here for shortening the URL, I am going to consider a company called Here I am going to share each and everything about it so just focus and be ready to start your online money making journey, if you have not done yet.

What is is a Europe based URL based company which provide a platform to short any URL and earn money from it whenever anybody will open the URL. I have seen people making up to $100 daily from this network. is link shortener connected with advertising network so you get paid when you shorten a link and make someone click on it.

But to reach up to $100, you will have to do some good and hard work but if you are doing some average promotions also, you would be able to make $20-$30 daily easily.

Now before taking you to how to make money from URL shortening tool and tips to make more money from url shortening, let me share some features of and why it is the most famous and demanding network for URL shortening and earn money from it.

Features of is a leading tool to generate shorten URL and monetize those URL. There are number of features with which makes this ahead of others. Let me list few here as per my experience with the network.

1. Best Rate provides best rate for the clicks in the URL shortening network and you can earn decent from each click. But this again depend on the location and source of traffic. Definitely if you are getting clicks from Tier I countries, you will get higher CPC compared to tier II and III countries.

People are getting a CPM up to $12. Which means per 1000 clicks you can earn around $12 as well.

2. Minimum Threshold

Threshold is the minimum amount of money required in your account before your withdraw that amount. With it is just $5 which is easily achievable and with around 450-500 clicks, you can easily get to this amount.

You can withdraw your payment through various ways like - PayPal, WebMoney and Payoneer.

3. High Quality Ads

You will never find annoying ads with and so you can integrate this easily with your websites. There won’t be any ads like adult and all.

4. Social Share Widgets provides social share widgets which helps you to get more buzz about your shorten links and shares. This helps you to easily integrate and earn more.

All you need to do is, just select the kind of widget and it will generate the code. Now just place the code on your site and it will start showing on your site.

5. WordPress Plugin

If you own a wordpress site then integrating is very easy. Just download the plugin and using that plugin you can convert your original URL to shorten URL.

6. Developer’s API

If you are a developer, this will make smile on your face. Yes, provides an API which returns responses in JSON format.

Being a developer, you can generate your API code and can integrate it in your projects.

Apart from all these, there are many other benefits as well.

How to Earn Money from

Earning money from is very easy and require very less time. All you have to do is to follow the below steps and you will see money coming in your account.

1. Signup as a publisher (no matter you own a site or not). Once done, login to your account.

2. Now you will see a text box shown just below the menu bar and here you will have to post the URL for which you want to get shorten URL.

3. Click on Shorten and you will get a link something like below. Here I have generated the shorten URL for my own website.

4. Now all you have to do is, share this URL as much as you can and whenever someone will click on it, you will get paid.

Whenever anyone will click on it, will show an ad for 5 second before redirecting to the original site and hence generate the income.

Tips to earn $10-$15 per day

As promised, here are some easy tricks using which you would be able to make $10-$15 per day very easily. Definitely you will have to do the promotions but I will tell you how to get more clicks. So by now I am assuming that you have signed up and ready to earn. Now comes the tricky part. So here you go-

• Find some trending news. You can easily get this through social media. Like currently T20 world cup going on and so find some trending buzz about it. It can be anything like news, pictures or videos and find the URL of it.

• Now shorten that URL using

• Now comes the important point-PROMOTION

• There are many ways to promote but I am focusing on free promotion and for this, just find some groups with high number of members on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

• If these are from your niche which you are targeting then it’s quite good else also fine.

• Now share your shorten URL and make sure that preview is available or add an HD image for better appeal.

• Now sit back and see money coming on your account.

The amount you will earn completely depends on how many people you are reaching and how much you are promoting.

Also, there affiliate is awesome. If someone is joining through your link then you will get 20% commission on the amount your referral will earn.

Can there be anything more simple then this? So start working and start earning money online.

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