How to increase likes for your Facebook page instantaneously?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Facebook page can add up so many possibilities to transform your potential target base into conversions. But that has to be managed with few accurate methods with a complete understanding of the target market before establishing a strong channel for promotion i.e. via Facebook Page.

Getting some instant “likes” on the page can boost up the initiative but how to cater those likes must be planned before posting your content for your target prospects. Those who have been working on marketing techniques must be aware how crucial can the content placement get. An estimation of 40 million small businesses is trying to promote their products and services or at least try to engage with their target base. So, you can imagine how important it is to follow the right steps to make it count.

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Here are few easily accessible ways to get more likes on Facebook page instantly without spending money.

Get More Likes on Facebook: Different Methods

• Invite as many friends as you can and share your Facebook Page on every social media platform you are active on.

• Using images and videos are always works in getting attention and if the content is strategically placed, then it can be even more effective. For example, post relevant images or intriguing videos with your audiences that are interesting to share.

• Facebook’s Page plugins (like a box) must be used on your website or blog. It improves the frequency at which the content is being shared.

• Don’t underestimate the power of interaction, establishing a strong base of communication by responding to the comments can elevate your credibility.

• Try to avoid uninteresting and irrelevant content on your page. Do not post something just for the sake of it.

• Also, promote your Facebook page and get your audience involved through other channels. For instance, try to engage your followers on twitter or connections on LinkedIn with discussions, which won’t be possible by just adding ‘Like us on Facebook’.

• Running a contest on your page can successfully engage a large group of the target audience, though to keep them tangled is again a challenge that can be solved by entertaining content.

If you are tired doing the manual work, you can always jump to to buy 'Facebook Likes' for your page, photo or any post. Apart from these methods, there are few paid tools to get the attention, namely Facebook Ads which are getting popular due to their exactness of demographic reach and cost-effectiveness. 

However, Coupons and Video like Pop-ups are few compelling tools to get likes, though they are useful only when the products or services offered need to be explained in detail to avoid any kind of complication.

What you do to get likes on your Facebook page? Please share with us.

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