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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, October 19, 2015
PopMyAds is a pop-up based ad network connecting advertisers with the publishers from all across the world since 2014. They are one of the best pop-up ad server network having a large base of advertisers and publishers. Being a publisher, you can be sure to get ads every time as they have a really large number of advertisers and advertisers can be sure about the quality traffic.

Also, PopMyAds is having one of the best payouts in the market and there is no restriction as many ad networks do. No matter how much traffic you have, you can apply for the network and be sure to get approval till the time you are complying with their terms and conditions. They guarantee to provide 100% fill rate to their publishers. This is the complete review of PopMyAds.

PopMyAds for Publishers

As I mentioned earlier, PopMyAds is one of the best pop-up based ad networks with a large number of advertisers which assure you to have 100% fill rate. Also, getting into PopMyAds network is not at all hard. Below are few of the things that you need to take care.

Approval Requirement and Restrictions

There is no such specific requirement to get approval for PopMyAds. Until the time you are having a site which possesses the T&C of the network. Also, PopMyAds accepts all kind of sites including adult, non-adult content sites, sub domain sites etc. This is really unique as almost all the ad network don’t accept adult sites. However PopMyAds doesn’t accept sites that contain violent content, child pornography, abusive content, sites promoting any type of hate-mongering or sites linking to any form of illegal activity etc.

Signup and Approval

As there is not a much specific requirement for the approval in the ad network so anyone can get in the network. All you have to do is to fill the form through PopMyAds signup link and get assured of the approval. Usually, you will get approval on the same day but if there is a weekend, expect a delay but still you will get approved on the very next business day.

Ad Format & CPM Rates

As PopMyAds is pop-under advertising network so it will offer pop-under ads itself. But yes, you can customize your ads using their tools. Also, the CPM rate is best in the industry. Mainly CPM rate depends on the location and traffic. Tier 1 countries like US and UK provides better CPM rate compared to Tier 2 countries.

Real Time Statistics

Being in the PopMyAds network, you will have access to the real-time stats. You could easily analyze your profits while keeping the interface simple and clean. Also, all your earning, clicks and payment will be shown and so it will be easier for you to track everything.

Minimum Payout and Frequency

Unlike another network, PopMyAds just has the threshold of $5 which is very easy to achieve. If you have moderate traffic, you can reach to threshold just in a day. Also, PopMyAds is one of the fastest paying ad networks, so, it pays its publishers within 1-7 days after a payment request is made.

Payment Option

PopMyAds offers various payment system to their publishers. You can get your payment through PayPal, Payza, and Bank Wire. But to get the payment through Bank Wire, you will have to contact them manually.

Referral Program

Another beneficial program for publishers. Like some other very popular Pop Under ad networks, PopMyAds also offers a good referral program. If you will refer a publisher to PopMyAds network, you will get 10% of their income for a lifetime. Isn’t that cool?

Why choose PopMyAds as a Publishers

As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of benefits with PopMyAds. I am just summarizing those below.

• Partnership with highly experienced monetization team.
• Clean ads. They test the campaign's landing pages multiple times every day.
• Almost all sites accepted. They review them within 12 hours.
• Highly targeted Advertisements for your tailored customized channels.
• No limits. They pay for all visitors, worldwide traffic.
• Real-time stats. They provide you powerful tools to analyze your income.
• Payments processed between 1-7 business days.

PopMyAds for Advertisers

Like publishers, if you are advertising with PopMyAds, you will also get lots of benefits.

Full Control

You will have full control of your campaigns. Also, the dashboard that PopMyAds provides will show the campaigns in real-time and so anytime you can pause/restart your campaigns. PopMyAds offers lots of targeting options: category, keyword, country and even time. Create campaigns, modify, set a budget, bid, and pause them at any time.

Low Stakes

Minimum deposit is only 5 USD, PayPal or Payza. Campaigns don't have a minimum budget, you can manage your balance at your convenience.

Quality Traffic

PopMyAds know the importance of quality traffic. Their team has developed a very advanced anti-fraud system, which filters out all proxy, bot, and low-quality traffic. So be sure about the quality of traffic.

24x7 Customer Support

This is for both publishers and advertisers. PopMyAds customer support teams are highly qualified and friendly. They have dedicated support team which are available 24x7 and so you can raise your query anytime and be sure to get a solution in the minimum time possible.

Over to you

I am using PopMyAds for one of my sites and I am getting a decent income from it. Your site will have clean ads and so nothing to worry from any perspective. Just sign up and start earning few extra dollars.

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