7 Things Which Are Stopping You to Continue Blogging

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, May 20, 2018
Blogging has become a business now and people earn many multiples of regular income in blogging. If you are frequent to social media, you must be seeing so many success stories people write about the success like they earn $10k/$20k per months. That’s true. But you will hardly find any stories of failure. No doubt the online industry has full of potential and money but it’s not that easy.

Many people who are not in online marketing/industry might be thinking what these guys do with just a laptop. But earning online is that easy? No.

In 2013, there were more than 152 Millions of Blogs online which is growing rapidly. But are all successful? No because there are something which stops those bloggers and so they are not. When it comes to successful bloggers there are hardly few..maybe thousands. You can check an interesting Infographic shared by BWHGeek on blogs.

Blogging Statistics Blogging is a platform which people choose to express their feeling and once they attract visitors, it starts making money. There are n number of examples where people from completely different professions have come to blogging and have done extraordinary.

But at the same time there are huge numbers who got failed. It’s not that people don’t want to or don’t try but there is something which stops them to peruse further. Today I will talk about the top 7 reasons those stop you to continue blogging.

Top 7 Reasons – Those stop you to Continue Blogging

1. You don’t have interest anymore

why bloggers fail
This is the main reason why bloggers leave blogging. It has been seen that majority of bloggers leave blogging as don’t find interest anymore.

And if you don’t have interest, you can’t do that thing. So now what? What should you do to make interest? Below are few points which you should consider-

• Blog only on the topic which you like
• Blog to the niche which admire you.
• Don’t simply blog! Do it passionately.
• Start selling from first day itself. Once money will come automatically you will find a reason to continue :)

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2. Don’t find an Idea to Write

why bloggers fail
Again the same thing as above. If you don’t have enough knowledge and passion on some particular topic you can’t blog for more time. No doubt you can write 20-30 posts but what after that? So to overcome on this, you may follow the below-

• Blog only on those niches which you like and admire you.
• Suppose you like entertainment niche but don’t find enough earning (which is not the case) then you can start a blog on profitable niche but hire someone to write the content for that as that’s not your expertise.
• Participate on forums to get an idea about topic. You may write on the questions people ask. What can be better than that?
• Ask your followers about which topic they want you to write etc.

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3. Your Younger bloggers are doing better than you

This is human tendency to keep checking others. You may find many bloggers who are younger than you but are doing better. You may feel shame in front of them and get depressed. When I started blogging last year found there are many bloggers who are making thousands and are just in schools/colleges and I was college pass out. But I took that positively and thought if they why I can’t?

You should also remove such thoughts that your youngers are performing better. Take this in a positive way as if they can do why you can’t. They might be working harder than you and so you should too.

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4. Google Doesn’t Like you

why bloggers fail
I am mentioning Google here as Google has highest market share compare to other search engines. More than 70% of searches are done on Google. You can find the statistics below about the search engine market share-

Google - 70.23%
Bing 10.33%
Yahoo - 9.54%
Baidu- 7.06%
AOL - 1.11%
Ask - 0.19%
Lycos - 0.02%
Excite - 0.00%

So if your blog is performing well in Google means you are 90% successful and just you need to convert that traffic further to make sell.

To remove the spams and low quality contents, Google keep on bringing updates which gives benefits to good quality blogs where as low quality blogs get penalized. There may be several reason of this –

• You may be writing copied content
• Your content quality id very poor
• You don’t provide quality to the users
• Your SEO strategy is incorrect and many more

But remember one thing here- Goggle doesn’t bring updates (panda, penguin etc) to harm blogs rather they save themselves. Suppose spammers take their blogs at high ranking but doesn’t provide quality and when you search anything you visit that blog which doesn’t have quality at all and this is coming repeatedly..then whether you will search that term again in Google? May be not as you may think Google is not displaying good result and the business of Google will go down.

So to protect themselves and to maintain quality Google brings updates. You should blog in a way that should be to solve the issue of needy person as well as search engine friendly also. Got my point?

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5. Drop in Your Earning

why bloggers fail
Money is the top most motivational factor..agree?

When I started this blog in around Nov’14, I didn’t earn a single penny since Feb’15. My first earning was $35 through a sponsored post. Since that time I am growing. But it’s not that my earning has only increased. It has down graph as well but this doesn’t mean I will get demotivated.

Last month I lost more than $2k in CPA marketing as one of my CPA account got blocked due to some reason. It was my hard work of 6 months. I was learning CPA and implementing but was not earning much. Failed succeed and the journey begun. But due to one mistake I lost whole amount. Still I didn’t get demotivated and working to recover and even earn more.

So don’t think about down graph in earning. It may be but if you will work hard, you will get success for sure.

What you should do to maintain earning or increase?

• Don’t depend on single source of income. If you are doing blogging, just don’t only depend on sponsored posts or AdSense. Do other stuffs as well.

• You may offer services I which you are good. Like I provide these services as I am good in these.

• Invest money in small packets etc.

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6. You’ve less engagement on your blog

why bloggers fail
This is another depressing factor. You’ll find many blog’s which gets hundreds of comments and shares on each blog posts and some which even none. But you can’t compare both and decide the success.

No doubt it’s play role in ranking and all but this is not something that should be given much importance especially Comments.

As per Neil Patel, if you have more number of loyal subscribers, you will get more number of comments. So if you manage to get good social engagement, it’s fine.

In my case also, you may find good comments on some blog posts whereas even none on some. So comments more likely also depends on how frequent you comment on other’s blog unless you are not superstar like Neil.

But if still you want to get more comments on blog posts, start building email list and start commenting on fellow blogs. You will find instant result.

7. Controversy

why bloggers fail
Few people want to be in news and to be in news they can do anything. They get involve in lots of controversies. At the same time some people don’t like. You may be the one which lie in second categories but sometime a situation comes when you get tapped in it even though you don’t like. It can even ruin your online reputation for some time.

But if you are correct then you should not be worrying as everything would be fine soon and you will learn a lot from such stuffs.

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In my view, if you’re following your passion and you’re right, you will come out of any situation. No matter how bad it is.

So follow your dreams and work hard. Stay calm and cool and don’t get irritated with small issues. Better fight with it and overcome. 

I hope you will agree to my points. What you think about these?

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