5 Social Media Mistakes that Every Blogger should Avoid

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, February 4, 2018
Making a successful and money making blog is not possible without much traffic. If there will be no one to read your content, you’ll never get an identity as well as you’ll not be able to make money in any way.

Without traffic, blogs are something like a content written on a paper which is in a closed box, which has almost no use. There are many ways to generate traffic, and social media is one of them. In fact, social media is a great way to drive traffic to any blog or websites due to its large number of users.

Especially if you’re a newbie, you have to promote your content or business on the social media to attract traffic because at the beginning you won’t be able to get enough organic traffic. In current scenario where lots of competition is there in every area, it’s well said that-

No promotion! No success

This is the truth friends. If you're following TricksRoad on social media or you've added to me, you must have experienced about my promotion on social media.

Promoting your blog post is as important as writing great content. If you’re spending 4-5 hours to write a blog post, you should spend at least 50% of it, i.e.,. 2-3 hours more to promote that post.

By this way, you’ll be able to reach to your target readers. There are many bloggers, webmasters and business owners who use social media to generate traffic and leads for their business.

There’re many ways using which you can get the most out of the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. But as everything has pros and cons too.

The same applies to social media too. There are some mistakes that many people do while doing social marketing and promotion. You should avoid those common mistakes with social media to become successful as well as a good social marketer.

So today I’ll be discussing a few social media mistakes every blogger and webmaster make and you should not.

5 common social media mistakes every blogger and webmasters avoid

Being a blogger one should avoid the following mistakes. If you are following any successful bloggers like Neil Patel, you can find the below in their interviews.

So, let's start with common social media mistakes bloggers should avoid.

1. Not having a social media strategy

Like any other business or anything in life, success requires planning and commitment. Before starting anything, you should plan it well else unfortunate to say, you’ll not get the desired success.

Just, for example, suppose next day you’ve to catch the train in the morning somewhere around 8 AM. So you must be prepared and planning your other necessary in such way that neither any of your work should get impacted nor the scheduled train.

Without proper planning and strategy, you can do this. You had a goal to catch the train at 8, and so you planned everything accordingly. The same applies here also.

You should first set a goal like to get 400 visits a day from Facebook/Twitter or getting 100 likes/follows in a week or something like this.

Then prepare a strategy to achieve this goal. Because just by promoting on your profile page you’re not going to get 400 visits a day and so you’ve to prepare some other strategy.

Most of the bloggers or webmaster or business owners fail here. So if you haven’t made a strategy for your goal yet, please do it now.

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2. Not posting enough

This is the second most common mistakes most of the bloggers do. They don’t post on their profile page or fan page. Remember people who have joined or followed you are due to the content you post on your page and if you’ll stop doing that, who know they might unfollow you.

So part of your social media strategy should be to be posting regularly because your followers expect your posts on a regular basis and you should fulfill that.

3. Posting too much

Yes! The opposite of point #2 can also be harmful. Posting too little is a bad thing, but doing it excessively is also not good. People have followed just because they liked the thing you tell; they like the thing you shared in the past so maintain the consistency.

But posting anything or too much can be a little bit overwhelming to your followers. They may get bored.

Not everything that you’ve to say is interesting to your followers. So first think about the post you’re going to share. Judge it, whether you’ll like it if someone else will share this. If the answer is yes, go ahead.

4. Not engaging followers

This is the most important point in the success. Also, this applies to any business or condition not only in blogging. 

You should engage your followers, people who all are connected with you on different social media. Here engagement can be by various modes like, answer their questions, reply to their comment.

In one of my article on social media, How to get maximum traffic from Facebook, I advised for a single like also you should show gratitude. By this way, you can build better relationships. 

Also, apart from sharing just the post, you can ask few questions also where you can ask the suggestions from your followers or friends. These can be a good way to keep them connected.

5. Buying likes and followers

Yes, the last but imperative point and the misconception that many bloggers, social marketing people have.

This is common these days to buy likes and followers. You can find plenty of groups in any social media where lots of posts will be like buy 1k+ Facebook like, buy 500 twitter followers or something like this. Even there are many sites which do the same. You should never go with it.

No doubt having a good social base can get you to the success, but if you go through this way of buying, you’ll have a good number but of no use.

They just increase the count nothing else. No one will be your targeted customer. Suppose in a shop daily 1k people visit, but no one buys anything. Whether the owner will get profit?

The same applies here also. So focus on attracting the people with your content, tips so that they will like you; they will follow you. And believe me after liking your post, those who have followed you are the right and target customer for you.

Final Words

Social media plays a crucial role in the success of any online venture. But a tiny mistake may lead to failure also. So be careful while using these platforms.

If you use it with honesty and dedication, no one can stop you from getting success. These were just the top 5 among many common mistakes that we should avoid, and I am sure you will have something to say on this as which all mistakes we should avoid in social media to get success.

Do let me know those in the comments. If you liked the post, please consider it for sharing.
Ashutosh Jha

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20 comments to ''5 Social Media Mistakes that Every Blogger should Avoid"

  1. Hi Ashu,

    I am glad that I found this post. I have myself created my own way to handle my Friends ( I call my followers as Friends ) on social media. And I am quite enjoying the fruitful results. And I have plans to change the classical way of reply to comments and tweets in future.

    Coming to the post, I am happy to know that I do not make any mistakes listed above. :)

    I agree to you that buying followers is useless. Starting to create your fan base from the scratch is amazing experience and you do get lot of engagement.

    Not posting much and posting less, is too a crime. lol. Now, that I now this, I will always try to not get trapped in these and will warn my friends as well.

    Thank you Ashu for this wonderful post.

    Rohan Chaubey.

    1. Hi Rohan,

      Thanks for taking your time and beautiful comment bro :)

      And i agree to you on your words that you're not in any of the listed 5. On most of the social site I am connected to you and found your updates very much balanced and useful. Also I liked your friends word !!


  2. you touch my life once more .
    Seriously, i haven't try the above mentioned mistakes by bloggers due to the little time i have for blogging as of now.
    Getting Traffic to my blog is on my list presently but to me, i Think is not the very First thing to do after Creating a blog rather Content

    Because if visitor's land on your blog either Through Paid Traffic Source or referral link it won't make a good impact on ones Blog.

    So i Think working on Great Content First, then comes Traffic and others.
    Hope someone will benefit from this

    1. Hey John,

      Thanks for taking time in reading the post and comment. Quality and well optimized contents come first as this is the thing you're selling and if anyone don't have good input itself no matter how much interested buyers they will find, conversation will always be in doubt. So quality posts are first priority.

      And I am sure these tips will help you. Thanks and keep visiting bro :)


  3. Hi Ashutosh!

    Thanks for sharing your experience.I can't believe people are buying followers. I like your final conclusion and I guess honesty AND dedication are a very useful combination. I try to to keep the rule of spending '50% of your writing time on promoting' in mind. All the Best to you Ilka

    1. Hi Ilka,

      First of all Welcome to TricksRoad and Thanks for reading this post.

      Yes I have seen several people who buy the likes just for the shake to increase followers. I am glad that you liked this. Keep visiting :)


  4. Hey, Ashu,
    Good to be here again!
    This is an informative piece,
    Thanks for sharing these vital mistakes we bloggers make!
    Mistake # 1 about social media involvement and getting traffic,
    Its really a great task to get more likes from your fb or other pages
    the other day I read a post from one of our blog friends where he
    brought out a naked truth about the social media responses. It is
    indeed a poor one, though we may be having thousands of friends in the list a meager number will respond, for that matter we need to do a clean up job in our fb twitter etc to keep to a minimum and vital friends who are like minded people otherwise of no use, instead we can bring them to the email list and sure they respond to it, In my case though I have two accounts in fb both of them nearing the limit of fb, but I can very well say that majority of them are inactive and I now need to do some clean up job and to keep only the vital ones. In such case the article which i read say a email marketing strategy can do wonders in getting trarffic, and now I am thinking on that line. Yes, instead of going for a buy like strategy let us develop a target audience who can have a mutual help instead, Though i have two accounts in fb I very seldom visit those pages since i feel that its a mere time waste, of course the last week I spend a bit more time there but of no solid return LOL
    Anyways thanks Ashu for this important post to think,
    Have a wonderful day
    Best Regards
    Season's Greetings
    ~ P V

    1. Hi Philip,

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience with social media. I agree to you that Facbook is becoming some kind of business platform these days. But we can't ignore the large database it contains. So it's a good idea to spend time with a plan in mind as how and when you will get benefit. Few days ago, i wrote a post on the effective use of facebook. I would suggest you to visit that once. below is the link.

      Thanks again for your wonderful feedback !!


    2. Hi Philip,

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience with social media. I agree to you that Facbook is becoming some kind of business platform these days. But we can't ignore the large database it contains. So it's a good idea to spend time with a plan in mind as how and when you will get benefit. Few days ago, i wrote a post on the effective use of facebook. I would suggest you to visit that once. below is the link.


      Thanks again for your wonderful feedback !!


  5. Hi Ashutosh!

    I love this post about the mistakes people make on Social Media.

    When I look at the mistakes that you have listed, I nod my head in total agreement. It is funny that people don't want to stick with being Social101 and would rather create fans and followers with quick fixes.

    If making friends don't happen overnight but involves trusting and building relationships, then I don't see why one would belive that there is a quick fix by buying fans and followers.

    As you have adviced, stick with building genuine relationship and you will enjoy the experience.

    1. Thanks Ikechi for the feedback and your time in reading this post !!

      I agree to you that people usually try to get friends/followers in so much hurry that they forgot the main idea behind it. We should avoid this.


  6. Hi Ashutosh,

    You have beautifully encapsulated the must-do's for a blog to be successful! I agree that sometimes people buy likes and followers and they're all made of junk accounts! At the end of the day you might as well be talking to yourself :) I think specific targeted advertising works better that way!

    Keep writing such good posts :) and thanks for being a regular at StumbleUponLife!

    1. Thanks Nik for the comment and I am glad that you liked this :)

      And yes i am a regular visitor of your blog as i like that much. Thanks for posting nice articles !!


  7. Hi Ashutosh,
    Much needed post indeed.
    You explained and solved the most common mistakes every newbie make.
    Thank you so much bro.
    Thanks a ton for remembering me about a social media strategy. I will soon create one.
    I think most of the people predict the authority of a blog by counting its fan page likes or followers. That's why people run to buy FB likes and Twitter followers.
    Thank you so much again bro.

    1. Hi Rahul,

      Thanks for visiting and a true feedback. I am very much glad that you liked this post. And i agree to you bro that people find the authority of blogs or site by their social media followers and likes. But we should not. If we write good, solve other’s problem, we can be an authority.

      Thanks for taking your time and the comment !!


  8. Hi Ashutosh,

    You are doing a great job, today I found totally read worth post and kepp posting like this articles.
    looking forward for more...

    1. Thanks Mahadev for stopping by. Good to know that you liked this. Keep visiting :)


  9. Quiet impressive and i formative you have written, you can't spam on social media as it will loose all your readers. It's essential to provide your readers the best content without doing spam. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Rahul,

      Thanks for your comment and I'm glad that you liked this. Keep visiting :)


  10. Hi Ashutosh,

    First of all, this is my first visit on your blog and I must say it's really cool and clean. Loved the way you designed it on blogger platform.

    Coming to the content, Thanks for sharing this wow content. Learned some great things that I do while using social media and promoting my links there. Keep it up.

    Vipin Mishra


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