Which Is Better And Why - Single Topic Blog Or Multi Topic Blog

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, January 21, 2017
This topic, single topic vs. multi topic blog is a very common question that every blogger asks and this is also one of the most active topics for discussion in the online forums. They usually ask about-

  • Should I blog on one topic or should I on multiple topic
  • Should I create one blog for one topic or can I write on multiple topic in a single blog

In this post I am going to clear which one should you use and why to do so. Before starting a blog, just think once about the below-

On which topic you are going write?

This will help you to determine your niche (In blogging topic is normally called as Niche.). If still your mind is saying that you can write on technology, designing, health care, fashion designing and so on..

Then do one thing, create a list of topic on which you want to write and then think about the posts on which you are going to write in each topic. Decide at least 15-20 posts name and definitely you are going to remove some of them.

And if still you have many in your list, then create some free blogs on Blogger or WordPress (both are free, if you will select their domain) and try for some days and the one topic on which you are most comfortable go with that.

This is the one of the common reason behind the failure of any blogger that they are not thinking on which topic they are going to write and what they are going to write. So think once before proceeding.

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This is the common perception of many blogger that if they will write on multiple topics, they are going to get more traffic (directly corresponds to earn more). But this is not the fact. Ok let me tell one thing, out of the two images shown below- which one you like the most-

First Image-
    Blogs with multiple topics
Second Image-
Blogs with single topic
I am sure the second one you will like the most because in the 2nd image everything is not mixed up. The same applies to the blogging niche also. Your reader will like to go through multiple posts on a single topic rather than on a blog with multiple topics.

Note: If you are going to blog just for your interest and you don’t have any big dream from that then it’s ok to write on any topic and on many topics but if you want to earn from the blog and want to have some name then avoid writing on multiple topics.

Below are the some of the points that you should think before creating a blog with multiple topics-

You won’t be able to create a relationship with your visitors

One thing you tell me when you subscribe to your blog? When you need some information on any topic you are searching and some website have that one.

So you subscribe to that site. And think if suddenly that site has started publishing on many topics and continuously you are getting their email and that is not useful to you. What you will do? You will definitely going to unsubscribe that site and this happens.

Once you will start writing on many topics, your subscribers may unsubscribe to you and you will lose your valuable readers. So it’s better to write on single topic so that you can create a great relationship with your readers.

This is the common tendency of any readers that only when they subscribe to any blog when they find useful information on their site what they need.

Suppose I have subscribe a site providing information about the games and suddenly they have started providing information on healthcare and technology too, definitely I am going to unsubscribe that site. Because I don’t want to get bombarded with the emails in my inbox and will definitely switch to the one which provide information which I need.

It will be tough to do SEO of the Blog

It’s always tough to do SEO of a blog which is based on multiple topics. Suppose you are a search engine and someone has searched about healthcare and you have to display the result of search, which one you would select-

  • A site that are only focused on healthcare topic or
  • A site which is having contents for healthcare, movies, blogging and many more..
Definitely you are going to select the first website and the same happens while doing SEO of a site with multiple topics. Recently search engines have changed some rules in crawling a website, specially Google (which is having around 78% market share in searching) and they show the results from the blog which is on single topic rather than those which writes on multiple topics.

Making Money from multi topic blog is tough

This is one of the most important points. As which blog will make more money for you- Single nice or multi niche blog?

Yes this is true that a multi topic blog get more traffic compare to a blog which is on single topic, but is worth?

Suppose you have a company which manufacture PC games and you have to advertise your product but you are having limited budget, which will you select to advertise-

  • The blog which writes on Games and topics related to games
  • Or the one which write on topics like games, software, blogging and many more..
I am sure you are going to select the first one even if first blog get 1k page views per day and 2nd get 5k per day. Because by advertising on the first blog, they will get 1k targeted customers (many chances are they will get converted to sells) and the same applies to here also. If you are writing on one topic, there is more chance to attract advertisers with better CPC also.

Hope I am clear with this discussion and you got the answers for all your questions. If you have to ask anything or want to give some suggestion, please drop your comments below.

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  1. Hi Ashutosh,

    I am glad that I landed here. I recently started blogging and I wonder what should I write about. I like to write on technology, designing and programming languages. After reading this post I think I am clear what should I do.

    Thank you for an amazing post. Good day!

    1. Thanks a lot Rohan !!

      It's great to know that this post helped you to decide about the niche. It's always beneficial to write on single niche .
      As you said you've recently started blogging, do share your blog name here. I will love to visit your blog as i love programming too :)

      Thanks for the valuable comment and keep visiting. Have a wonderful week ahead.


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