How To Resolve Blogger Site Not Opening Without www.

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, October 20, 2017
Till some days ago, I too had the same problem. My site was not opening without writing www before the domain name. When even I was trying to simply start with or, it was not opening. And, so I was missing the quality traffic too. And, then I tried to resolve this issue and finally did that. And, this experience I am going to share in this post so that the other who is getting the same issue can resolve it. Try the report presented below and get the issue resolved-

1. First(after redirecting your BlogSpot url to your custom url), go to the setting tab of blogger and select Basics. Here you will see a pane named Publishing. In this section you will see your blogspot address and the domain name where you have redirected your blogspot url. Click on the Edit link corresponding to the domain address.

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2. After clicking on the Edit link, you will get a new window where you will get the publishing section as like below-

Here by default you will find the above check box as unchecked, click on that check box and you are now completed the setting to redirect the domain name to www.domainname. But this is not complete; you need to make some settings in your account from where you have registered your domain name (here I am considering godaddy).

3. Login into your godaddy account. Here you have make some changes in the DNS to match your blogspot. After login, you will have the page some what like below-

4. Now click on the Launch button correspond to the domain section and you will get a screen where the entire domains that are in your account will be listed. Select the one on which you want to redirect and click on it. It will take you to the next page likes below. Here select the 2nd tab DNS Zone.

5. Here you have to add the A host and the Cname in the records. So click on Add Records and select first A host and add four records one by one by adding the IPs shown in the below image-

6. Now again go to Add Record and select CName and add the cname as shown in below image-

That’s all. We’re done with your issue of blogger site not opening without www. Generally the changes reflect the point you have done all this, but in some scenarios it may take some time also (as you have selected TTL as one hour). Now try writing simply your domain name and you will see that is getting directly redirected to www.domainname.

Hope this article will help you in resolving the issue. If you will have any issue at any point in time, feel free to drop your comment below and get assured for the solution. If this article has helped you, do consider to share this on Facebook.

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