How To Choose An Effective Template For Your Blog Or Website

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, August 15, 2018
How to choose the best template for your website
Whenever you are going to start your online venture, no matter it is a simple portfolio or a large e-commerce application, you should take care of its design. So it is always necessary to spend some time while selecting the design templates for your website, as this gives a good impression to your visitors. And it is always said that-

First Impression Is The Last Impression

So take care of your website design very carefully. Today I am going to discuss some key parameter you should take care while selecting the templates for your website. Below are those and I am sure with the help of these points you will be able to select the best template that will suit your business.

1. Know Your Purpose

This is the very first criteria that you should think before selecting anything for your online dream. You should be aware of the purpose, your motive of the online platform that you are going to create.

Suppose you are going to book store and in the front of the store some cloths are hanging, how will you feel. The same applies to your visitor also. If you are going to create a blog, the template should be like a blog. Show it’s always good to first decide your need before selecting any template.

2. Your Template Should Be Responsive

Responsive templates are those templates which supports all the devices VIZ Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Mobile Phones. Sometimes people have confusion that responsive means those which have faster speed, but it’s not. I will talk about the speed of your template in the next point.

Try to choose responsive templates
So spend some time while selecting the template and it should be such that, it should support all the devices and should look good in all.

3. Template should be fast enough

The internet giant, Google Inc. says-

The Web Should Be Fast Enough –Google Inc.

And if some precaution is asked by the Google, definitely one should take care of it. After all Google has more than 80% control of search traffic.

Also it’s really frustrating for your readers, if your web page will take much longer time to load and they may switch to the other blog and you will lose a valuable visitor.

So focus on reducing the loading time of the website and select the template according to it. Also a slower site will prevent you to increase the domain authority.

4. Proper combinations of Images and Sliders

Images play a very important role. After all a single image can says thousands of words.

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Depending on the nature of website, you should have proper images and sliders. Like if you are going to start a fashion store or a news website, you should have a slider which will show the summary of the news. And your visitors who have less time can simply have a glance to the slider and they can get all the important news just in few seconds. And that will be the beauty of your website.

The same applies to your blog also. I don’t think it needs a slider but a proper image is necessary.

So whenever required, you should use the images. But be careful while selecting the images, as if you will use the HD images or image of large size that will reduce the performance of the site.

And it will increase the web page loading time and so it will violate the above point (Template should be fast enough). Try to reduce blog load time as much as possible.

5. Avoid using too many widgets

This is one of the common issues that I have seen on many websites/blogs that the admin uses many widgets. I think the idea behind that they are thinking is, it will attract the users and bla bla..

But this is not correct. Use only those widgets that are required. Like you can use subscribe option, recent posts, achieve, recent comments and few social media widgets. You can check this site, only the required and above mentioned widgets are used over here.

This makes the website beautiful and simple also, which attracts the users. Also if you have many widgets (Those are exactly not required), your website loading time will increase and you will face issue while doing SEO.

6. Avoid modifying the templates too much:

Usually whenever you select any template for your website, you customize it. It’s good and necessary also to customize the templates as per your need and use.

But as it’s said, excess of anything is bad and the same applies here also. Don’t change or modify the template that you have selected too much. It will look not too good.

To avoid this, the best way is too change the template each time and check the preview of the changes design and decide whether it is looking good or not.

You can even check the output in browser also, each time you change something. And by this way you can control it too get over modification and can prevent to give bad look.

7. Use good combination of colors:

I had read a good quote about the colors and I would like to share that over here-
Colors Speak All Languages

Color combination of your website makes a great impression on the visitors
It’s completely correct. Colors speak about the nature and it matters a lot when we talk about the online business. Use those color combination in your website, which suits your eye and can attract your visitors. Never use too much dark or too much light color for the site.

Also, fonts should be good enough. if you don't like the default fonts, you can try for the Google custom fonts for blogs also.

8. Don’t flood your blog with ads:

First of all, what a blog is?

A blog is a website where we share our thoughts and ideas with the online world. And of course if we want to earn from our work, it’s not bad (At least this I think).

But again excess of anything is bad and so same here. I have personally seen many websites which is having lots of ads and you won’t be able to differentiate where the content is and which is ad.

Try to avoid such scenario. Because due to this, you will lose the confidence of your visitors.

So it’s a best practice to use at most 3 ads in a web page. This will maintain the balance between your income and the quality of your blogs too.

And even in three ads also you can earn much more than the crowd. I will talk about this in later topic.

So this was all about How to choose an effective template for your blog. Hope after reading this article, you will be able to choose a best template for you as per your requirement. Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Thanks for reading it friends. Keep visiting and i am eagerly waiting for your comments!
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2 comments to ''How To Choose An Effective Template For Your Blog Or Website"

  1. Hi Ashu,

    Selection of Blog Template is really really confusing. I tried so many templates but each had its flaws. And luckily I liked one template. With the advent of gadgets like android phones, tabs, etc. It is important to select a template which is responsive, isn't it?

    Not changing template too much is actually a nice advice. It not only makes the template eventually look ugly but also there are high chances of error generation. I use Blogger and I once tried to change the template a bit later on it generated an error in the coding which I was unable to solve and finally I had to dump the template and get a new one. Moral of the story: Never change your template too much.

    Coming to flooding blogs with Ads, I once visited an SEO expert's blog and that blog was so clumsy. The Ads from all over the page started coming out. I think Ads are good but not too much that your content starts getting hide behind that.

    Similarly, too many widgets are annoying and doesn't look good. Lastly, coming to the loading speed of the blog. I have read somewhere that a blog should load within 6 seconds or else a visitor won't think of visiting the blog next time. This might be true because there is a crunch of time for everyone. Ashu your blog loads very quickly.

    Thank you for sharing this great post. Have a fantastic day ahead!
    Rohan Chaubey.

    1. Thanks a lot Rohan for such a deep analysis and I agree with you, these points plays a very important role in the success of any online business.

      And that 6 sec loading time, i have also read that this has been seen in a trend. Also there is a logical reason behind it. At the current scenario there are thousand of sites available on a single niche so why the reader will wait for your site to load for more time. So loading time is among the top.

      Also wanted to tell, so much editing is bad but if you need to do, have to do carefully else chances are there to generate error. If you'll get any such error any time, let me know. I'll try to resolve that and i visited your blog and that's awesome. Keep visiting and have a great day !!


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