Is Snus safe?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, May 18, 2020
If you’re a smoker or a regular user of tobacco products then this might be your question!

Many people ask whether snus is safe or not and in this post, we are going to talk about it. But before getting into whether snus is safe or not, let’s talk about what is snus?

What is snus?

Snus is a kind of powder which you don’t smoke and instead you keep it in your mouth either on upper lips or lower. This comes in a pouch and you neither have to burn it nor spit it.

As per Michael Steinberg, director of a program in Rutgers University- Snus is probably less harmful and so people who are looking to get rid of smoking can try this out.

Snus got started from Sweden as a way to preserve the tobacco product and become pretty famous in a small span of time. There are many flavours of it as well which you can try. As per the survey in Sweden, half of Snus users are the ex-smokers.

Although they are not risk free as Snus also contains tobacco but they are at lower risk of cancer compared to directly consuming products in the raw form. And the similar consuming pattern has been seen in other EU region countries like Norway as well.

Is it Safe?

As per the report, Snus releases less nicotine than any other tobacco products. Snus comes in little pouches which need to be tucked in the mouth under lips. All these smokeless products carry a risk of cancer. But as you’re not smoking it and so the chances of lung cancer vanishes but the risk of mouth cancer will be more.

Also, this is a matter of fact that Snus contains less risk of such kind of cancer compared to consuming direct tobacco or smoking. So, people who are looking to get rid of smoking can adopt snus for sometime and then leave this also.

In a recent post, FDA has allowed the manufacturer to write- Using General Snus instead of cigarettes puts you at a lower risk of mouth cancer, heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis.

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