Super affiliate about work, lewdness and earnings - An Interview

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, May 16, 2018
The guys from Zorka.Mobi team have interviewed one of Russian’s super affiliates: Misha; known under the nickname Entropia. He’s a co-owner of the private affiliate club

Hi, Misha! Tell us a few words about your experience and achievements

Misha: Hey guys! I’ve been doing affiliate marketing in a solo format since 2016. Many people from an affiliate sphere have heard about me because of my traffic volumes and profit. I wouldn’t announce the exact numbers, but these values are considered as rather high for a solo player. However, there’s always a room for improvement.

I’ve heard many times that affiliates prefer working in a team. What advantages do you see in solo work?

Misha: When you work alone you have to get your finger on the pulse in your niche and to enhance related skills too. For example, I can already write a code on PHP and I’ve created a range of setups to automate the business processes with trackers, conversion caps and platforms. Such solutions make my daily routine easier and save me great amounts of money. Other related skills such as websites coding, JS, etc. also help a lot as well.

Teamwork is totally another thing. When you manage your crew, you can apply a business approach of repeating mechanical actions which will bring some results in terms of profit. I don’t like this kind of work. I love to go deeper: to concentrate on exact points of growth and on the quality of thought.

One more advantage of solo working - you are the only person who is responsible for your results.

Where do you meet people from the sphere and exchange experience?

Misha: It’s a very good question, because this thing is very important. Modern affiliate marketing is developing extremely fast. It’s almost impossible to get it straightened out alone. Moreover, communication makes real magic which is called networking. There are always more parameters that have an influence on your results than you can imagine. Several people puzzling over the same niche can give each other much more benefits in communication than if we just sum their thoughts.

Moreover, such a networking is useful not only to newbies, but also to experienced affiliates.

Even a super affiliate can get some tips listening to a newbie’s thoughts - sometimes newbies have a fresh eyes. This effect intensifies if there are many talented people in a community.

There’s the private forum. When I was a newbie, I joined this community and enjoyed its beneficial environment. During that period of time I realised that networking is extremely important. Finally, at the end of the last year a couple of my friends and I, who are active members of the forum, became co-owners. Our goal is to maintain this cosy and private atmosphere which exists there now.

In addition to the, I communicate in some industry Telegram chats and on the CPA.CLUB forum.

How often do you attend CPA-events? What conferences would you highlight?

Misha: I’m not a frequenter of Affiliate conferences, but it’s essential to attend some of them from time to time. One of the recent great conferences I visited was Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok. I’m highly impressed with its scale, the level of organization and the friendly atmosphere of an international affiliate community.

It’s assumed that affiliates from Russian-speaking area lead a dissolute lifestyle. Is it a myth?

Misha: I think there are always some people who live a dissolute life regardless of their origin and residence. I believe it depends on a person’s age more than on a native country. If an affiliate becomes successful at the age of 17-20 he is more likely prone to live like in casino ads with vermouth and courtesans than if he would achieve success later.

Indiscreet but probably the most interesting question: how much do super affiliates earn?

Misha: I won’t disclose the exact numbers. Monthly profit of a super affiliate might be $ХХХXX, or $ХХХХХХ.

What affiliate networks do you work with?

Misha: I prefer working with affiliate networks with global brands and beneficiaries from Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries. I think it’s better to choose fewer networks but to work closely with them. When you work using such tactics, your figures become visible to networks and you can build your business communications in a more comfortable and qualitative way.

What criteria do you pursue when choosing an affiliate network? What can you say about Zorka.Network?

Misha: I’ve met two opposite approaches from the networks’ side: those who care about their reputation and these who cheat. The first approach means that the affiliate network guarantees fulfilment of obligations, it takes all the risks, solves all arising issues, and treats affiliates as partners, thinks of their interests. Moreover, the second option is if the network in words is like in the first option, but in fact they can easily cheat. They are just interested in getting their commission and don’t want to “waste” efforts to handle the problems. “Liabilities”, “public offer”, “good will” - such words are no more than a pure formality for such market players. Unfortunately, there are many networks from Russian-speaking area who adhere to the second option.

Nevertheless, there are some exceptions, of course.

What about Zorka.Mobi - I’ve been keeping track of their achievements for a long time. They are an old market player. I have to admit that I’ve heard lots of good testimonials from affiliates about their affiliate network Zorka.Network. I think they are very likely to be a pleasant exception.

I’ve heard you playing the guitar. It’s charming! Why have you chosen to do affiliate marketing and haven’t chosen a career as a musician?

Misha: Thank you, nice to hear! I graduated from Gnessin State Musical College and actually I’m a guitar player. At the age of 19-20 I had to make a choice. Being in business has attracted me since childhood. Secondly, life in a community of musicians isn’t balanced and can be quite an unhealthy lifestyle. So, in the end, I decided that I should try some another spheres. Music will always be with me.

Recently, we launched a survey and found out that most affiliates associate are made happy by having lots of money. What is happiness for you?

Misha: Money is a tool, it doesn’t bring happiness itself. It gives you comfort and opportunities. Moreover, earning money influences people’s brains the same way as victories influence sportsmen. Earning money can be a buzz. Money is an universal indicator of your efforts and efficiency. I’m not ready to do something that isn’t interesting for me and to spend the biggest part of my life just to earn money. The main thing is not how much you earn but the way how you do it.

Could you give some advice to those who are aspiring to become super affiliates please?

Misha: Use a systematic approach, order. Keep your emotions out of your work. The less emotions, the more stability. If you keep hitting the same target, you’ll be able to overcome any difficulties and will get the desired result. Your success is in your hands, start right now!
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