5 Tips to Find a Coworking Space to Rent

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Are you looking to put up a business in the near future? Whatever business it is, there’s no doubt that you will be needing one thing – an office, be it a shared office or not. The company may just have you and a couple of employees at first, so you are not keen on the idea of investing a lot of money in your own space.

Tips to Find a Coworking Space to Rent
It’s a good thing that coworking spaces are becoming more popular nowadays. You can set up your own space without spending too much on the overhead costs. But with so many co-working spaces for rent available, you need to ensure that you choose one that would be perfect for your company.

Best Tips to Find Coworking Space to Rent- Top 5

Read through the tips below to help you make the right choice. Using these tips you will be able to find the best coworking place to rent.

1. Choose a good location

The location you choose should be convenient. If you or your employees have no cars, you need to choose a location that would be near public transportation so that it would not be a hassle to commute to and from work. If the type of business you will put up will require you to meet with clients, your office space must be accessible to them too.

2. Make sure the office fits your needs

Before you start looking for space, list down all the requirements you have for an office space. What is your ideal location? Do you need a parking space? Or just a place that is near public transportation? Does the co-working space need to be open during weekends and even holidays? Or maybe you require a space that should be private and quiet for you to work efficiently. Does it have a printer, computers and the like? All these should be taken into consideration so that you will be able to make a perfect choice.

3. Test the drive the office before you commit

You can have a tour through most coworking spaces in your area so you can look at the resources available for you and your business. If it’s possible, you can even ask if you could test-drive the facility for a day so that you can get a feel for what it would be like to work there.

4. Choose a community that will inspire you

One thing that you should look for in choosing your co-working space is how comfortable you will be with the other people around you. You will be mingling with people from other industries and if you find a community that is enriching, you can be inspired to better in your work or business. Try to look for spaces that offer events that can add to the learning of the people who rent from them.

5. Make sure to read the lease terms

Read through the agreement with the co-working space and check to see if it’s feasible for your company. Aside from the rent price, look for additional costs that would incur such as if you would need to buy extra furniture. Also, check on how long the agreement is. For example, if the lease presented to you is yearly and you are already foreseeing that you will need a bigger space in the next months, it would be better to look for a space that offers a short-term lease instead.

Wrapping it up!

Coworking spaces are on trend since few years and many medium and small companies along with startups are using these coworking space for their normal day to day operation. Even I have seen few freelancers working from coworking spaces to increase the productivity.

So, if you're planning to make a business out of it, you can follow these tips to find a coworking space to rent. You can get an awesome place and make it like a coworking space and rent it.

If you have any other tips to make an awesome coworking place, feel free to share with us.

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