Why to Outsource IT jobs from Ukraine For Best Benefit

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, November 24, 2017
We live in a century where it’s extremely rare for a business firm not to outsource some or all parts of its information technology function. The increasing demand for outsourcing IT services results from the expenses the companies incur by keeping such functions in-house.

Most companies opt for IT outsourcing to reduce their operating costs. IT outsourcing can free up internal resources which in turn allow resource reallocation and also helps to improve and increase the operational efficiencies of existing processes.

Why to Outsource IT jobs From Ukraine

Moderate prices, highly qualified developers, English proficiency are some of the major reasons that resulted in Ukraine being recognized as one of the leading outsourcing destinations in the world. It is also the first country in Europe in the sector of IT outsourcing and development of software.

IT professionals who are highly qualified are at the core of Ukraine’s technological expertise and software development. Besides their skills, Ukraine is known for their competence. The literacy rate in Ukraine is considerably high and we can say -almost 100% and this sets them apart from the rest of its competitors. So, what are the major benefits of IT outsourcing to Ukraine?

Outstanding education

Around 70% of the population in Ukraine has a secondary level or higher education. Most of their higher educational institutions have IT-related programmes and thousands of qualified IT professionals graduate every year.

The English language is an important part of their curriculum, most developers have a good command over the language. A number of IT specialists have been trained or have studied abroad, and almost all of them are familiar with western values.

Ukrainians are famous for a number of innovative start-ups and scientific research which shows their outstanding technical knowledge.

Ukrainian IT specialists are famous for their client-oriented approach and total dedication. A reputed IT outsourcing company Ukraine can help you find the specialists you are looking for.

IT Industry

Ukraine is ranked 5th among Top 25 IT service exporters according to PWC analysis. Ukraine has a number of talented IT specialists with strong educational background and it’s no wonder that they are able to boast of more than 2000 start-ups.

A number of global companies from a variety of industries, including software, gaming, e-commerce, and telecom have their subsidiaries in this country. Ukraine has the most moderate prices for IT services compared to its neighboring countries in Europe and you can find outsource teams to cover all your IT related needs.

Support from the Government

The Ukrainian Government strongly supports the initiatives by the IT specialists and that’s the reason for their professional growth and getting experience abroad. Tax freedom for IT companies and individuals working in this field is another way by which the government offers their support, so huge taxes need not be covered while working with Ukrainian developers.

Excellent service at a low cost

One of the major advantages of IT outsourcing to Ukraine is that the country offers highly skilled IT professionals at a low cost. Compared to the US, Canada, Australia and Western Europe their rates are much low. Tax exemption lets both the clients and specialists work on affordable terms.

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