5 Tips To Stay Organized at Work During Holiday Season

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, November 23, 2017
The holiday season is upon us. It’s the one time of year when many people find it hard to focus on their work, thanks to all the distractions going on in their social lives. It is also a time when people exhibit some of the worst office habits that may have a long-term effect on their brand. To help you navigate the festive season without hurting your office reputation, here are 5 tips to staying organized at work during the holiday season.

5 Tips To Stay Organized at Work During Holiday Season

1. Stay off of social media

The holiday season is a time when people post about their glamorous social lives for the world to see. Others even send you tempting offers that might lead you to leave the office early and dis-organize your work schedule. To stay organized and focused on work, switch off social media and save yourself from unnecessary distractions. You can always switch it on after work, and catch up with your friends and family.

2. Avoid social interactions after work

During the holiday season, people want to meet and catch up on lost time. Such gatherings may sometimes involve alcohol and might go on until late night. Thanks to these gatherings, you might end up waking up late and as a consequence, have a disorganized day at work. That’s why you need to stay away from evening social meetings if you want to stay organized at work during the holiday season. By avoiding them, you get to work as per your set schedules. You get to stay fresh without having to deal with hangovers and sleeplessness, two main characteristics of most people's’ lives during the holiday season.

3. Decorate your office with holiday themes

Working during the holiday season can leave you feeling sulky and unhappy, which might make you disoriented and disorganized. That’s why you need to decorate your office with a holiday theme, to help you feel like you are part of the festivities. Doing this can uplift your mood and enhance your level of organization at work. This way, you will stay focused, and achieve more.

4. Keep gift cards away from your office desk

The holiday season is a time when people send their loved ones lots of gift cards. As such, you might find yourself with lots of gift card trash all over your office desk. To stay organized, make sure you store all gift cards away from your office desk. You may store them in a file and carry them home after work. This way, your office can stay organized all through the holiday season.

5. Send e-gift cards

Even though you are at work, you will still need to send your friends and family gift cards. Paper gift cards can litter your office and make it hard for you to stay organized. To avoid this, send electronic gift cards to those you love. This way, you avoid clutter that may make you disorganized and inefficient as you work through the holiday season.

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