4 Tips For Being A Coupon Saving Maven

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, November 22, 2017
All savvy shoppers know how important it is to save money during shopping. Money that you save will go a long way to cutting down your household and personal item expenditures and bills in general. Companies and groceries that offer you discounts and coupons that you can use are available and are a great way to shop.

Get yourself coupons and deals online from companies like DontPayfull who offer free online coupons and promo codes for shopping in various stores. This is a great way for you to shop at your favorite stores and will at the same time offer you an opportunity to save some money. Let’s look at some tips that you need to implement to become a maven savvy shopper.

1. Regularly visit websites

Pay visits to your grocery’s website once in awhile to check for coupons or discounts that might be offered. If you haven't signed up, you can also sign up and login to access any cash rewards and coupons. Registering and having accounts with stores enables you to take advantage of the loyalty rewards offered to members or account holders. Membership programs are usually free with many additional advantages such as double points and cash back programs for every payment that you make while shopping.

2. Check the location

Find out how far the store is from where you are. It would not make sense to go to a store that’s located far from your home and yet you can get the same products from a nearby store. Many people go to particular stores because they might want a specific brand of product. However, if you can still get the product with the same specifications or which serves a similar function in a nearby store, it would save you time and fuel.

3. Buy offseason

Purchasing products and groceries during offseason is a great way for you to save. As one season comes to an end, another one is set to begin. Knowing upfront what you require for the next season needs to be a top priority in your budget. Plan earlier before the season begins and do some window shopping.

Most products tend to be cheaper during the offseason and this will cut down the cost of having to purchase products with an expensive price tag. Also, take note of the time of the day that you go shopping. Shopping in the early morning is fun and you can do a lot compared to shopping later on in the day. This is because other times most parking spaces are full and many people are shopping making the stores packed.

4. Make a list

Write down a list of the items that you need to shop and find. Having a list and sticking to it instills discipline, preventing you from purchasing what is not on the list. Check to see if any of the products that are on the list are on sale, have discounts or coupons which will reduce the cost.

You can be good at planning, but it takes a lot of discipline to become a great coupon saving maven. The above tips go a long way and there are so many more others that will help you in your money saving journey.
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