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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, October 7, 2017
Getting the right traffic online is a tough job for an advertiser and at the same time making real money from the traffic is for the publisher.

Usually, you will find publishers complaining about the ad network who doesn’t pay on time or don’t pay at all. And so before signing up with any advertising network, you should make a proper research about the network. The same applies to the advertisers also who most of the time waste their money for the traffic which is not of use.

UngAds Ad Network Reveiw
So, you should be very careful while selecting the advertising network to work with. Earlier we have written some of the best CPM advertising networks. Those are legit and provide excellent features to both advertisers and publishers. Today, we are adding another CPM advertising network to our list, UngAds which is doing awesome.

In this UngAds Ad Review post, we will see the features of UngAds and the way to join UngAds advertising network.

UngAds Ad Network Review- Introduction

UngAds is a full-fledged advertising solution providing almost all kind of ads o the advertisers and publishers. They are a global ad network serving across the globe.

They have a very powerful system which is powered by the in-house technology that provides the optimum advertising solution.

One notable feature of UngAds Advertising network is, advertisers, get direct access to the publisher inventory. They are based out of Latvia and have offices in Latvia and St. Peters Burg.

The best thing I found with the UngAds is their support team. It is the support which ensures the success of any company. And UngAds has got all these. Their technical and product support teams are awesome.

UngAds Ad Types

As said above, UngAds offers almost all types of advertising solution. Here is some of the leading ad type offered by the network-

Popunders or On-click ads

If you have high traffic site of the niche downloading or related sites, popunder ads can work best for you. Here an ad will be shown to you as a popup and when user will click on it, you will get paid. The only issue with this ad is, sometime your visitor may get annoyed with such ads.

UngAds Ad Network

Banners Ads

As we know, this is simply a display ad which you can add on your website or blog. The banners are available in all the major size. You can add the banner ad as and where you want on your website.

Mobile Pushup

Here the ad will be shown to the mobile users as a dialog box. Once user will click on it, you will get paid. This is a perfect ad category for the website webmaster that receives majority or greater extent of traffic on the mobile device.

Direct Link

Here you will receive an ad unit in the form of a link from the UngAds which you can add on your website. Such ads can be added in the post you publish. For example, let’s say you’re writing a post containing a word like “Facebook”, you can find similar link ads and insert. So, that when someone will click on it, you will get paid.

Interstitial Ad

In such ads, a full-screen ad will be shown to your visitors covering the whole device. They're typically displayed at natural transition points in the flow of an app, such as between activities or during the pause between levels in a game.

UngAds for Advertiser

UngAds offers a self-serving platform to their advertisers where you can do the following-
  • Create and edit your campaigns independently
  • Manage your existing campaigns with personal manager
  • Seen and analyze transparent statistics using useful filters
  • Export your statistics to Excel files
  • Choose limits for your campaigns
  • Setup extended targeting
  • Use self-service access to financial statistics
  • Create invoices for prepayment by your self
  • Feel free to ask all questions in support chat on our platform
UngAds Ad Network
 As UngAds has publishers from 190+ different geographic location and so an advertiser can expect diverse traffic. You can also get the traffic from different niches.

Following are some of the major niche in which you can receive traffic-
  • Games
  • Finance
  • E-commerce
  • Gambling and Betting
  • Software
  • Mobile App
  • Support
  • Dating
  • Glamour
UngAds also offers a technology-enabled platform where an advertiser can target the ads and campaign based on various parameters. You can customize based on the following for better benefit and profit.

UngAds Ad Network
  • Geographic location (country and city)
  • Device (Desktop, Tablet, Phone)
  • Connection type (wifi, 3g)
  • Mobile Carriers
  • operating system
  • Day of week
  • Time of day
  • Frequency capping
  • Browsers
  • Category
  • Language
You can get started with the UngAds as an advertiser just by signing up for the account. You can simply signup and get started using the below form.

UngAds Ad Network

UngAds Payment Details

Here is the summary of the UngAds advertising network. As you can see the minimum payout of the network is $100 and so you will get paid once you are reaching this threshold.

Also, the best thing with the UngAds ad network is the weekly payment frequency. You can get paid weekly if you’re meeting the threshold.
  • Commission Type: CPC, CPM, and CPA
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney

Wrapping it up!

This was all about UngAds advertising network review. If you are also looking for an alternative to Google AdSense due to any reason or looking for an alternative income solution, you should try UngAds.

Also, if you are looking to advertise your brand, and fed up with the traditional ad networks like Google AdWords, you should try UngAds.

Try UngAds advertising network, and let us know your feedback.

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