3 Tips to Manage Negative PR

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, October 2, 2017
Living in a digital world can make dealing with negative PR that much harder as it spreads faster and can go viral in a matter of moments. It can also be something that is nearly impossible to predict is going to happen so there is really no way to prepare yourself. One moment you can be sitting in your office enjoying a cup of coffee, and the next you read a tweet on social media about your company that is causing the media to be in a frenzy over the current most popular topic of conversation.

It can be a nightmare if you are not prepared to manage negative PR which is why it is helpful to have some information on the topic before you need to use it. Here are some tips for managing negative PR in a swift and professional manner.

1. Work with a third-party management team

Work with a third-party management team who can help you get positive information about the facts and figures related to the situation to various outlets. Some choose to hold a press conference that is open to the public and members of the media. If this is not conducive to what will work for your company, consider hiring an online press release service to distribute factual information to stakeholders on your behalf.

2. Slow down and think things through

It can be a moment where you want to jump up and quickly react to the negative press. It is important, however, to do the opposite. Take some time and think out your response. The public will want to hear from you so if you want to continue to stay in business or have any respect at all, you will need to address the masses. It is appropriate to ask for time to generate your response and the best way to do this is to share that you intend to respond and then do so in a timely fashion.

3. Apologize

If the situation is appropriate and warrants a sincere and genuine apology to the public, then it is important to provide it. For example, if your company made an error that affected many customers or top stakeholders, it is imperative that you apologize. If your company suffered a data breach, you should still apologize to any customers that could have been affected. Apologizing up front can mean a great deal to people regardless of the circumstance. The apology must be genuine and sincere or it will do more harm than good.

If you are in business or are a social figure that has merit, you will without a doubt find yourself having to manage negative press at some point in your career. Negative press is not something to run from and can be remedied with a professional, genuine, and well thought out response plan.

Whatever you do, avoid spending so much time defending yourself that you fail to provide positive information about company happenings and hope the positive stories will take hold of the negative press.

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