Top 5 Pixel Gun 3D Tips and Tricks for the Rookies

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, October 2, 2017
Pixel Gun 3D is the online multiplayer first-person shooter game. It is one of the most popular games with almost 3.5 million of active players every month.

You can download this game from play stores or app stores for free.

Thus, lots of gamers try to find out some useful tips and tricks for this game to move on in the game smoothly. Use these top 5 Pixel Gun 3D Tips and Tricks to gain some XP and level up faster in the game.

1. Selecting the Weapon

In the tutorial of the game, you will get various basic weapons like combat knife, regular machine gun, a short gun and one sniper rifle to move on in the game. The best weapon for the starter is to use machine gun; to kill the enemy on the spot, you will always be in the aim pointed position while moving anywhere in the game. It helps you to use the site vision and pick the enemy instantly.

To get familiar with the game first, survival mode of the game is best for you to practice in. In the survival mode, not only you will get familiar with the game controls and the way it performs, but also you can earn some gaming resources like coins by playing in this mode.

2. Find The Enemy Before They Find You

Always remember that you are in the war zone where everyone will try to kill you. Before you get caught by the enemy, you must find them and eliminate them as soon as possible. Lots of beginner players used to roam in the game without any necessity and get caught by their enemies. Instead of doing this, focusing on the enemy will always benefit you.

3. Tips for Buying More Weapons

As a player levels up in the game, every player wanted to use the most lethal weapon to make more destruction on the enemies. When buying premium weapons, you need coins and gems; these are the currencies you can use in the game to exchange with. There are lots of tricks you can use to gain free currency in the game. Check out Pixel Gun 3D Hack for the latest methods to get the currency in the game.

Pixel Gun 3D weapons are divided into five basic types. Those are…

1) Primary Weapons: These weapons are your main weapons you are going to use in the game. Try to use long range and accurate weapons for this category; Marksman weapon series is best. You will have the long range more lethality and accuracy with more fire rate in this weapon. Marksman Up1 and Marksman Up2 are the other upgraded options.

2) Secondary Weapons: These are backup weapons you can use in the game, Try to get Dead Star or Dual Hacks in this category. You will find these weapons with a decent round of speeds with a nice accuracy of the shoot.

3) Sniper Category: For high-level damage, use Prototype or Prototype Up1. Most lethal and long-range sniper rifles to use in the category. There is another Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle Up1 for the more powerful scope and a wall breaker.

4) Special Weapons: Get Mines Launcher and Toy Bomber for a special bombing in the war. You can also use Contact Detonator which will block your enemy bullets heading towards you. It is the best weapon with a unique defensive feature.

5) Melee: In this category, you will find all the sharp weapons for close combat like various knives, Katana, Storm Hammer, and Chainsaw Sword etc.

4. Roaming Tricks

As you are going to higher levels in the game, you will have to climb and jump from various objects. For this purpose, you will have to start practicing some parkour moves from the start of the higher levels. You can use Parkour City for practicing parkour moves there. It will help you maneuvering better in the game while shooting with enemies. Also, there are lots of weapons and accessories you can use from the weapon shop to help you do these things better. For example; you can buy Berserk Boots to jump higher while running.

5. A Trick for Getting Fast XP and Coins

Getting fast XP is the secret of leveling up in the game. To do so; you can use a simple method for this. Just go to the multiplayer mode and team battle with 15 kill games. It will rapidly improve your XP, and you will be then eligible to level up and unlock some more awesome weapons. Also playing 50 kill Deathmatch will help you earn free coins for the game. Just make sure that before getting in, you have sufficient life and ammunition to survive.

A Bonus Tip to Kill the Enemy for Quick

Most of the players don’t know that killing your enemy in a single shot has its own advantages. The best way to kill your opponent is to make a headshot. One headshot to the enemy will help double up your killing time instantly. It is better to keep in scope always when there are lots of chances to hit the shot. The advantage of this trick is that you can save lots of your ammo’s while combat is in process.

These are some of the best tips and tricks you can use in Pixel Gun 3D game. Hope this will help you move further at the beginning of the game.

Like pixel gun 3d game, there are few other similar games also you might like playing in the multiplayer (FPS) category. You can check out these games below.

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These all games are freemium games, but none of them can match the excitement and fun you experience in the pixel gun 3d game. Even today, there are lots of modern shooting games came out in the market like modern combat and modern strikes. But the classic gaming of pixel gun 3d game never left behind.

If you have any questions, suggestions or queries about Pixel Gun 3D game, then you can comment them below, and I will try my best to answer all of them as soon as possible. Lastly, for more information regarding pixel gun 3d, you can also check out the Wiki page for this game online.

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