Record Your Desktop Video with Desktop Recording Software

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, July 24, 2017
Movavi screen recorder is the best tool which is useful for capturing the screen activities of your desktop with voiceover and sound. You can also do some editing when you are going to capture your needed video on your screen. In this article, you can find the ways to capture your desktop video via using Movavi screen capture studio.

Steps to capture desktop video via using Movavi screen capture studio:

Totally five steps are enough to capture your required video on your desktop with the help of desktop recording software.

Install Movavi screen recorder

At first, download the Movavi screen capture studio. After downloading, install it on your hard drive by running it via following the instructions.

Set the parameters of recording

In order to start the recording process, you have to launch the Movavi desktop recording software first to proceed further. After launching, you have to click ‘Record Screen’ that you can find on the main window. In order to record particular areas of your screen, you have to do some editing process there.

The editing process includes resizing the screen, placing the capture frame on the required area of your screen, moving the frame or much more. If you wish, you can also choose the fresh capture is which are predefined in the list. It is also possible to record full screen or else any tiny part of the screen.

At the time of capturing, you can also set your required output or input sound devices. You have to cross check whether the system audio option is highlighted in green. Alter the volume by moving the adjacent sliders in the tool up and down.

Capturing video from desktop

Open your video on Movavi screen capture studio tool to record or capture. Click ‘REC’ option to start the capturing process and then click ‘Stop’ when you completed the recording process. Apart from clicking, windows users can also use the hot keys of your keyboard, by pressing F10 to stop and F9 to pause,

whereas Mac users can use 1 and 2 to pause and stop respectively.

Edit the capturing

In order to improve the quality of your video which is recorded, you can select ‘Open in Editor’ option to add some filters to it.

Converting captured video for mobiles

The video which is recorded here will support all the formats like FLV, AVI, MKV, MP4 and 3GP and much more. Now, at this stage, mobile is having the ability to play videos of all those above-mentioned formats.

NOTE: This step is optional one and it is useful only for people who want to watch videos in mobile format

By following above-mentioned steps, you can record your desktop video via using Movavi screen capture studio.

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