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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Nowadays, you will find everyone using the phone, tablet, etc. Even you will find a kid playing and using such electronic gadgets.

There is no harm in that, but the issue comes when kids start getting addicted to it or start using the apps, features which they should not do. In the busy life when parents almost have no time, these electronic gadgets have become a partner in daily life. And this is the reason we can’t simply ask children not to use this.
One better way is to block certain features and apps which you think they should not use. But again manual work won’t help you in the long run.

So today I have brought something which will make this work completely automated, and a parent can monitor their child while an employer can do the same to their employee easily.

The software is PhoneSheriff, and in this PhoneSheriff review, I will be talking about the different aspect of PhoneSheriff, PhoneSheriff features, and PhoneSheriff pricing.

PhoneSheriff Review- An Overview

PhoneSheriff is a product by Retina-X Studios, a web consultancy, and design firm operating since 1997. Their professional team comprises dozens of professionals dedicated to helping you monitor your computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Retina-X Studios quickly gained a reputation in the industry for reliable and thoroughly tested software in this market niche. Positive comments in magazines such as Reader's Digest, Computer Shopper, PC Pro, Computer Buyer and others, coupled with media exposure from outlets like CBS and BBC, helped in the marketing effort of these applications.

PhoneSheriff helps a parent to monitor their child while it helps an employer to monitor their employee. Here are some of the amazing characteristics of PhoneSheriff.

• Block phone numbers from calls and text messages
• Set custom time restrictions and block apps you choose
• Monitor text messages and get custom activity alerts
• Real-time location tracking and lock commands
• Compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad

How PhoneSheriff works?

First of all, you will have to buy the PhoneSheriff software. The best part of the software is your child will also get notified that they are getting monitored through the software.

So there won’t be any scenario where you will have to tell them later. PhoneSheriff comes up with two subscriptions- Half yearly and yearly basis.
They accept almost all the major payment system like through PayPal, Cards, etc.

Click on the purchase now button and fill your personal details and then make payment. It is as simple as it sounds to.

The software is compatible with any GSM or CDMA carrier. Includes T-Mobile, Sprint, O2, Orange, Verizon, Alltel, AT&T and most others. It is compatible with Compatible Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad or Android tablet. GPS tracking requires GPS enabled device.

Now once bought, just install the software on your child device and login to the account. That’s all. Now you can see the activities done by your child.

How PhoneSheriff software will help?

This software won’t help only to the child but also to the teenagers.

For Tweens: Protect your tween from gaining access to harmful content online. Set time limits on their phone and data usage from an easy online control panel.

For Teens: Protect your teenager by knowing who they contact and block them from communicating with people or websites that you don't approve of.

You will be in full control as what they see and what they do. You would be able to know whom they are interacting with and which site they are browsing.

Features of PhoneSheriff

Here are some of the amazing features of PhoneSheriff-
Monitoring Calls: You can configure the setting in PhoneSheriff and can monitor the calls and their durations also from the log.

Monitoring SMS: This feature lets you view the SMS conversations sent and received on the monitored phone. You can monitor both SMS and MMS.

Panic Alerts: You can make a setting through the panic alerts through the PhoneSheriff settings.

Messenger Logs: The tool also helps you to monitor the messengers’ logs of the different messenger.

View Photo: You can view the photos of your child’ devices

Track GPS Location: Get instant GPS tracking, locations history at set intervals, and set perimeters to be notiļ¬ed when your device travels beyond them.

Here are some of the testimonials shared by the existing users of the software-

Wrapping it up!

PhoneSheriff is a great software for the parental control. With the help of this software, you can track what all your child do on mobile and tablet. And based on the log, you can take the right decision like how you want your child to grow further.

Do try the software for better future of your child while balancing your normal routine.

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