Would Coupon Stores help in empowering India’s e-commerce growth?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, December 8, 2016
As of now, the world has seen the dramatic rise of India’s strength in both defense and technology. The West stood astonished at India’s growth and progress over manufacturing native products, which a few years ago the nation used to import from abroad.
Would Coupon Stores help in empowering India’s e-commerce growth?
The recent Digital India, Start-up India and Make in India schemes have rapidly ignited the minds of young entrepreneurs to leverage their intellect and native resources to establish something extraordinary on the lap of their motherland.

Innovation seems to have found a new meaning since past three years, and it is certainly conspicuous through the reports circulating the present status of an e-retail sector that speaks of the current affluence of annual revenue and technical maturity.

Based on IAMAI report, despite the presence of 300 million internet users in India, the Indian Digital Commerce rate is predicted to hit Rs 2 lakh crore in 2016, which might expand four times in the following year.

The question eventually comes in mind that what is influencing the so much close affinity of e-commerce stores and people’s preference for them and is there any external features enkindling the affinity for better relation and inclusive growth. One such tangible factor enhancing the people’s fascination over e-commerce stores is the presence of online coupon stores, whose numbers magnified a lot that what was assumed before.

A coupon store follows the principle of affiliate marketing, which is indeed a viable form of modern online marketing trend. A large number of popular e-commerce giants launched affiliate programs to which these online coupon stores register and strive to engage the online traffic through a wide collection of free coupon codes that could be applied to a relevant product to get discounts.

Whenever an online browser selects and applies a coupon code during the transaction procedure on a product of an e-commerce site, let's say about the Flipkart online shopping, where customers get a huge discount on the price displayed. Since Indians loves to try anything available free, these online coupon stores facilitate a huge number of online audiences to explore and enjoy a wonderful purchasing experience.

According to ETRetail.com which is an initiative of The Economic Times, 82% of the online shoppers have used discount coupons between the years of 2015 to 2016, where 78% of them uses a coupon on whatever purchase they make on any e-commerce sites.
Moreover, 96% of the online shoppers gets vouchers from online coupon stores and are happy to use them for purchase. People finds online coupon stores comfortable as they are easy-to-explore, organized, interactive, and there also illustrative instructions in case a newbie coupon user has arrived.

One can subscribe to an online coupon store to get mailing updates over the newly arrived coupon codes or can download extensions that allow them to see available coupons on whatever e-commerce site he or she would visit.

Most of the online shoppers are found to be using coupons for products corresponding to Smartphone, electronic accessories, fashion wears, home appliances, groceries, mobile recharge, hotel booking, and cab services.

Some of the popular online coupon stores in India include Grabon, Coupondunia, Couponchaska, Couponraja, and Cashkaro to name a few. These online coupon stores are influencing India’s e-commerce industry, and the ambiance seems promising for it might a draw huge annual figure worth admiring.

Online coupon stores are gradually increasing in number, for more talented entrepreneurs are getting involved in doing business out of developing an online coupon store, and this is thereby empowering India’s e-commerce industry.

Importance of Coupon Store in e-Commerce Growth

Some of the key ways by which the online coupon stores proved to be commercially viable for the e-commerce affluence in India are listed below in a descriptive manner.

1. Coupon helps in attracting more online audiences. In India, there is a mindset of getting maximum output at minimum investment, and thus when online shoppers are finding coupons to be useful in getting more discounts while purchasing products from their e-commerce store, then the amount of online traffic is observed to be magnified.

2. Furthermore, the promo codes are available free, and consequently, the online customer turning up for coupon codes are high, and thus contributing a lot towards e-commerce growth in purchasing products.

3. Online coupon stores minimize the digital advertising cost of the e-commerce stores that are high. This means the e-commerce stores can spend more in other parts of businesses rather than spending a lot in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

As coupon store companies do all the digital marketing and engage the online traffic, e-commerce stores working with them hardly needs the effort to focus on online promotion and advertisement.

4. Coupon stores also enhance brand recognition, which means they advertises about the e-commerce sites, their features, benefits, amazing products that are ready to be sold, and obviously the uniqueness they have. These bolsters the popularity of the e-commerce brands and their products among the online shoppers, which enriches their growth and progressive development.

The top e-commerce sites accepting coupon codes from many online coupon stores include Flipkart, Snapdeal, Foodpanda, Jabong, Myntra, Yatra.com and Tata Cliq to name a few. 
The annual e-commerce revenue sales in India together is calculated by Times of India to be 30 Billion US dollar and is also expected to expand 120 Billion US Dollar by 2020. The increase in Smartphone usage, followed by the internet has enabled people to explore the modern trends of shopping.

At this point, people have discovered online coupon stores, which verily adds pleasure to online shopping regarding delivering favorable discounts through easy-to-use promotional offers and coupons.


The growth of e-commerce as facilitated by online coupon store would redefine financial development of the nation and infrastructural evolution as well. Besides, there would be more employment opportunities and international recognition of India’s technological maturity.

Also, the rise of online coupon stores is generating more online traffic which in turn boosting e-commerce sales and demands for new collection of products. In the future, the online coupon industry would evolve and advanced, and significantly contribute towards the growth of e-commerce in India.

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