Benefits of ROR (Ruby on Rails) for Online Commerce Shopping Sites

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, December 14, 2016
As shopping on the web is an emerging phenomenon today, e-commerce sites should endeavor to exceed customer expectations. And in this digital age, the technology has to play a pivotal role to meet the client demands with an innovative approach, flexibility and speed. Among the recent technologies, many e-commerce companies rely on Ruby on Rails to offer user-friendly features and an amazing online shopping experience to their customers.
Ruby on Rails is an open source framework that comes with flexible APIs with a fast connectivity. This web application language brings JavaScript-driven templates that offer you flexible web architecture for creating a user-friendly e-commerce site. Ruby on Rails enables you to deliver fast results to help build a strong customer relationship that brings long-term benefits to an e-commerce store.

Some of the key features that make Ruby on Rails a game changer in the e-commerce sector are:

User-friendly: From site administration to content management, everything could be straightforward and easier to use for an e-commerce site owner. With a more segmented approach, the framework can allow including high-end features, such as bulk updates for thousands of products available on the site.

Flexibility: Ruby on Rails offers you algorithms to customize pricing, includes product thumbnails, carry out the product sorting in an easy and flexible manner.

High Performance: The sites using Ruby on Rails launch faster. Due to its modular design, the modification of the site also requires less time. By using the existing components and incorporating the plug-ins, it is effortless to build on the functionalities. There is no need to create everything from scratch, and there will not be any issue of repetitive codes.

Cost-effective: First of all, it’s an open source framework, and it takes little effort to build and modify an e-commerce site. The creation and maintenance of an e-commerce site, built on Ruby on Rails, are more affordable as well as time-saving. Thus, it helps save both time and money.

With Ruby on Rails, you can create visually engaging sites that reciprocate appropriately to the customer demands and product sales. The framework features auto-complete search for a customer to carry out a site-wide search and get relevant suggestions from each page of the site. It also offers a checkout mechanism that focuses on enhancing the user experience and also helps in maximizing conversions.

More importantly, Ruby on Rails offers you a fully scalable platform, enabling you to integrate the necessary growth parameters with time. The framework can also facilitate your entry into the online mobile shopping arena, allowing you to penetrate this fast-growing mobile internet user base.

If you are looking for an open source framework with quicker times to market, you can rely on Ruby on Rails. It can accommodate hundreds of millions of users, offering them the best internet shopping experience that will finally boost your productivity.

Many user-friendly sites use Ruby on Rails for increased customization, quick maintenance and offering a pleasant experience to the online shoppers. For instance, is built on this latest technology, featuring quick load time, incredibly fast performance and rapid search and customized checkouts. If you browse through the site, you will realize why Ruby on Rails is the game-changing technology for e-commerce.

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