AdNow Review for Advertisers: Top Native Ads Buying Platform

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, October 27, 2016
Advertising trend is changing and now companies are shifting their marketing strategies from traditional advertising to native advertising which uses the concept of Big Data, Machine Learning, and artificial intelligence for a better result.

In recent years, it has been seen that native ads performing far better than the traditional ads on the website and so generating more revenue for the advertisers.
In a recent study by Business Insider, it has been seen that native ads on publisher websites including branded or sponsored content — drive higher engagement rates.
So if you are advertising your business digitally for some leads and customers and not getting the desired result you are looking for, I would suggest you revise your strategy and try native ad once.

There are many advertising networks working in the field of native ads, but the one I came across recently is AdNow. It is one of the top Native ad buying platforms nowadays.

In this AdNow Review for Advertisers, I will be taking you through all the details of AdNow for advertisers, its features and all other details an advertiser should know.

AdNow Review- The Overview

AdNow is a native advertising platform for both publishers and advertisers and is in operation since 2014. You can visit the AdNow official thread on Digitalpoint Forum to get more info from real publishers.

This UK based advertising firm is serving over 4200 Million impressions per month across 109 different countries.
With this data, you can estimate that how soon the company has grown to achieve such a huge figure.

Currently, over 150k+ quality publishers are working with AdNow who can provide the quality traffic at very less CPC to boost your business.

It is an ideal network to work with when you need some serious traffic, good engagement, low CPC, and high CTR.

As I said, AdNow is a native ad network and one should definitely try native ad as it is cheaper and provide great ROI than the traditional digital marketing solution.

Let me show you why one should use native ads as a part of their marketing campaigns.

Why should companies use Native Ads?

Native Ads receive twice as much visual focus and generate 3 times higher amount of consumer attention time than banner ads, giving marketers a powerful influence platform.
Native advertising is a type of disguised advertising, usually online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears.

For example, if you are running a company on Finance domain and promoting your business through native ads then your ads will be shown on the site which publishes the content related to finance. That means it is targeting the content and only relevant ads will be shown thus providing great benefits to both advertisers and publishers.

Here are some awesome ways advertisers could benefit from Native Ads-

• Capture more attention: native advertising offers higher viewing rates than display ads. A recent study by IPG Media Labs showed that native ads are being seen 53% more than display ads.

• Enable consumers with information

• More Sharing: Native ad contents are being shared 32% compared to just 19% of display ads.

• Customer Relationship: In native ads, people share the ad content and may get attached to it. We, human, have the tendency to share only the things which we like and so customer engagement and converting the visitors to the customer becomes very easy.

• A subset of Content Marketing: The native ads convey a message and use required information and not just simply the promotion pages. Which could lead to an integral part of the content marketing strategy.

There are much more similar benefits of using native ads on display ads.

AdNow Features for Advertisers

AdNow offers wide ranges of amazing features for their advertisers. They help you to optimize your campaigns so that you can get the best at the least rate.

Here is the summary of what AdNow offers to their advertisers-

Serious analysis of the traffic, no fraud allowed.

• Low CPC & high CTR

• Native advertising looking like a part of the content and so engaged traffic.

• Full support from the network, help with creatives and give advice on Landing pages

• AdNow has trustable publishers inventory with worldwide geography, which is improved every day by our publisher's department team
• Option of setting daily budget limit per campaign

• Target your campaign by browser, by all the OS options, by carrier and network
• Does your campaign has better results on Monday? Not an issue - target your campaigns by time and choose the best days and hours for it!

• Do you want to tracker your campaign? AdNow’s Macros ID's will help you to know everything about your campaigns

• Are you not happy to see your campaign running on one website? No problem! Create your own Black and White lists to prevent that!

• AdNow has its own RTB platform which is definitely a USP of the network. I will share what is RTB and benefits of it, later in this AdNow Review.

AdNow Audience Profile

AdNow is working worldwide with different publishers. Here are the summaries of their audience.
So if you are targeting some tier I countries like the US, UK etc., you will get wide variety etc.

Companies like PeerFly, eBay etc. are working with AdNow to scale their business.

As promised above, here are some benefits of RTB for brands-

• Impression-by-Impression Buying and Valuation: Real-time bidding enables brands to bid on individual impressions rather than agreeing to a predetermined fixed price.

• Targeting Technology: With the help of third party data vendors, advertisers can successfully profile their ideal audience by modeling the attributes of existing customers.

• Dynamic Optimization and Real-Time Analytics

• Complete Transparency

• Private Exchange Capabilities and Access to Premium Inventory: RTB has come a long way in terms of being able to deliver on the requirements of brand advertisers. Executing an RTB video campaign is fast, effective, accountable and transparent.

How to start with AdNow Advertisers

All you have to do is, register as an advertiser by visiting and verify yourself. Once done, you can create campaigns and pay through any of the payment method like PayPal, Visa etc.
Once your campaign is approved from the AdNow team, it will be live and you will start getting hits and leads.

Wrapping it up!

AdNow is a great native advertising network for advertisers. If you are really looking for running some high converting and engaging campaigns, you should try AdNow once.

It is a reliable network with its own real-time bidding (RTB) features.

Let me know which ad network you use to promote your business online?

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