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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, September 12, 2016
Clicknety is a relatively new but one of the fastest growing ad network from Romania, serving both advertisers and publishers worldwide.

It is a Pop under advertising network delivering millions of impressions per day. You can also buy and sell both mobile and web traffic through Clicknety platform easily.

With Clicknety pop under network, you can advertise any country and any major city around the world. Advertisers have the option to target mobile or desktop traffic. The support staffs are pretty fast and the support is via Skype and email. Each advertiser gets a dedicated account manager.

The minimum bid for 1000 ad impression is only $1. If you are an advertiser, you would need to have a minimum deposit of $50 which seems pretty decent as compared to other ad networks. Coming to publishers, Clicknety accepts publishers from worldwide.

There are no minimum traffic requirements with Clicknety and their fill rate is 100%. You can request payments as soon as you reach the $10 minimum payout limit. The support is provided via Skype and Email.

Advertise with Clicknety

Clicknety is an innovative and efficient solution to advertise online. It is based on a bidding system, serve full page pop-under ads, from direct publishers and network partners. Advertisers can create direct campaigns for their offers using a simple link and the campaigns can be live in a short period (maximum 12h) after submission.

Features for Advertisers

Here are some of the features for advertisers by Clicknety which you should check-

• You can target your visitors by country
• More than 35 categories available to advertise
• Mobile and desktop target option
• We help companies to maximize their ROI providing a great support (email and Skype)
• Account managers dedicated to our clients/partners
• Minimum bids as low as $4 per 1000 impressions
• Real time reports
• Daily limit: A daily limit is required if a certain control over the campaign is desired.
• Pause/resume campaign: A campaign can be paused/resumed any time.
• Geo-target: All world countries available for selection.
• Operating systems: The desktop or mobile target can be done using this option.
• Raw Traffic Option: Used to limit the number of hits from the same visitor IP during a 24h period.
• Adult Traffic Option: This option can be used to receive adult traffic also on an advertising campaign.
• General report: A report can be generated for a certain campaign in a selected period of time.

You can do payment through PayPal, Payoneer or wire transfer and the minimum deposit is just $50. Also, the network doesn’t allow landing pages/ads which make use of viruses or malicious codes and which promote fake offers.

Buy Mobile Traffic

We are in the time where people use smartphones very often and it is a good and profitable way to target mobile traffic by the advertisers.

Currently, over 2082 Million smartphone users exist and is expected to cross 2600 Million by 2019.
So one should not miss this wide figure of mobile users. You can buy the mobile traffic from Clicknety platform. The advertiser has the option to go for both targets (all operating system) and select one or more of the option available: android – mobile, iOS – mobile, other – mobile, windows – desktop, mac OS X – desktop, Linux – desktop.

Just fill the below form and get started with your advertiser account to buy any kind of traffic-

Sell Web Traffic

Being a publisher you can sell your traffic at Clicknety platform. Here are some of the features for publishers-

• We pay weekly, every Tuesday if the minimum amount is reached ($20)
• Clean ads, full page site-under advertisements
• Worldwide traffic accepted
• 100% fill-rate
• Email and Skype support

If you want to sell your traffic through Clicknety then you need to first add your web property or the social network group/page/space which can be used to send traffic to the network. If a website is added the pop-under code can be generated in a few simple steps and inserted on the website. Direct links are available on request.

They ensure 100% fill-rate which means that none of the impressions sent into the system will be wasted. Even with default ads, you will be getting earning.

The payment will be done on a weekly basis and the minimum threshold is just $20.

Buy Targeted Traffic

With Clicknety You have that option, you can buy targeted traffic at affordable prices. When the advertising campaign is created the advertiser can use the following option to optimize their campaign: select the categories (channels) to receive traffic from, add the countries the traffic is wanted from and set the most important target in order to buy web traffic, the mobile or desktop option with their advanced settings.

From the dashboard, you would be able to control all the campaigns easily and in real time. Tracking tokens are available also for those advertisers which use conversions trackers.

Wrapping it up!

Clicknety is an ideal place to sell and buy the web, mobile and targeted traffic from all across the globe at very affordable price.

You can also earn 10% commission on each referral. So if you have good followers then you can earn even more.

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